Thursday, July 19, 2012


It's 7-11
So 7-11 stores give free slurpees! 
I went to pick up my boys from Corrie's and went to the 7-11 there and parked next to the missionaries! They went in to refill their cups with my boys. Tyler had his first sip of a slurpee. I didn't give him much b/c I'd hate to contribute to his first brain freeze! 
 My boys were at Corrie's b/c Malia was with me in the pool. I had a big photo shoot for The owner now has underwater hair pieces for women who have lost their hair. I picked the models b/c I have beautiful friends and would much rather people I know be in my pool than hired models who say they can swim then turn out to be non-swimmer litigious people. The hats are fun, don't you agree?!

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