Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy 4th of July TODAY!

We went to the beach in the morning. 
 Poor Tyler had barely fallen asleep when we found the dream spot parking spot. I took him out of his car seat so he wouldn't sweat to death in that on the beach, but he didn't go back to sleep. He was so tired but there was too much to see and he doesn't like to miss the fun.
 He was so excited to get to feel the sand!!
 His little BFF Ivy was there.
"What are you doing here?"  "What are YOU doing here?"

 Steven bought the kids a new boogie board at Publix when he got egg salad for our loaf of bread for lunch.

 It's Luiz' birthday so we sent him a text of this.
 And we left this one in the sand for USA's 236th birthday. Dylan was actually the one who asked "What's America's number?" I had no clue what he was asking even when he amended, "How big is it?" He finally asked how old and I figured it out for him. We decided that the fireworks must blast so many sparks out because each one has to be like 236 candles on America's cake. :)
 Paige is back in town and met us on the beach!
 We then mostly stayed in the water. There wasn't much beach anyway since Tropical Storm Debby blasted most of the sand out to sea. There was a lot of kid throwing going on.

 Barbie was at her grandma's 100th birthday party the day before and was still out of town, and Darren's mom and step-dad had just come down for Ivy's birthday, so they weren't there and my mom and Don came all the way to the parking lot but went back to their own pool b/c they could not find a parking spot. Darren's dad and step-mom came for a while but left with Ivy so she could take a nap. We still had lots of fun with the Crews and Andre. I could have stayed longer!
 And they flipped me too.
After the boys showered and napped at home, we went to the Rowdies soccer game. Again, we woke Tyler up from his car seat.

 half time!
 Dylan took some pictures.
Look at the beautiful view.

 Olivia Crew was there with her dad.
 My friend Kim was there! I wonder if she knows all of the cheers and songs like that section dressed like them. I'll ask her if she was with that loud peppy group. It worked, b/c we won 3-1.
 We walked out and sat on the grass to watch the city of St. Pete's fireworks.

 Isaac reminded us to light a pack of sparklers. It was a good thing they had long naps!
What a fun break in our week. Wednesday was a good day and night. Happy birthday, USA!

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