Tuesday, July 17, 2012

summer kayak trip

We like to go canoeing. The only time Steven and I had been in a kayak was off of Ft. Desoto somewhere. We rented one and shared. And we fought and neither of us really wanted to ever step foot in a kayak again. Well, over 10 years later, we each rented separate ones. I actually almost didn't go for a number of reasons but my mom told me they weren't good enough. She said that she WAS going to watch Tyler for us and that she would come to ME and Don would go meet Steven and the family off of the road and that I was just tired but the water would feel good once I got out on/in it. 

Isaac wouldn't step out of the van when we got there. He didn't want anybody to see his hair cut. He had to have his hat on at all times - which is good since his hears, neck, and forehead were used to the shade of his hair. 
 We went with the Crews who frequently kayak and own their own.
The mosquitoes were huge and relentless. HUGE!
 Steven jumped at the first tree. 
 Darren climbed with Noah,
 then let Noah jump/fall into a full splat belly flop. He cried. But more from being scared it seems.
 The Crews are adventurous and swam across that strong current.

 Lunch Break! Cherries, grapes, sandwiches, fudge sticks as always, fruit snacks, gummy bears, and waters.

Yea, Malia had quite the break down because she wanted fairness. 
 Darren found an eye patch, two pairs of sunglasses, drift wood that he saved, and something else I think.
 All the kids jumped.

 Darren climbed and jumped from higher.
 But not as high as these crazies! No I don't know them.
The kids REALLY wanted to paddle and were surprised the Crew kids were holding out that they had paddles the whole time. 
 Noah has to dance every chance he gets.
 Isaac was brave enough to stand a lot.
 These two babies floated on the current to me repeatedly and loved the ride.

Dylan ended with me and was brave enough to stand too.

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