Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Kirsten's pool party and my neglect of Isaac

Kirsten had her birthday at our house! 
Our little friend Canon was over for the day. We thought it would be a good opportunity to try to blow up balloons with baking soda and vinegar experiments. It didn't really work. 
 We used markers and made a banner for the birthday girl.
Kirsten's mom was there and the babies were sleeping, so we got to go in the pool and grill hot dogs! 
 At least we got some swim time in, because it started to thunder so we had to go in right after eating.

 We played a long time. Then Kirsten got to eat her cupcakes her dad had decorated.

 She had the kids captivated with her story reading skills.
 She even had them clean the play room!
 I need her every day.
 But let me tell you about this little guy. My Isaac doesn't always do well when I had a lot of people over. He did really well, so I thought. We didn't even have Malia or Noah over. I talked to Marcie in the living room while this little guy went into the bathroom. When we were saying goodbye to Kirsten's family, Isaac came out to say goodbye too. I asked him to come over to me because I wondered if he had somehow parted his hair so his forehead could show. As he got closer, I could not help but laugh!
 He had given himself a full hair cut.
 Long pieces had fluttered down to the bathroom floor.
 I asked where his hair went and he assured me it was all in the trash can. A LOT was. He also told me that he didn't want it to get into his eyes. I'm pretty sure he stole that line from ME because when he doesn't want a hair cut, I tell him that I just want to give him a little trim so it doesn't get in his eyes. In fact, I was quite annoyed with the Super Cuts or Fantastic Sams lady last time. I told her to NOT touch his front hair b/c I had just trimmed it the day before. And what does she do? Cut it bowl cut-like in the middle of his forehead.
 So I took him outside to take his picture. He just stared at me while I grilled him on why and how he cut his hair. He didn't know if he would be in trouble. He wasn't. I had him cal Daddy though.
 To show both the front and the side, I posted this following picture on Facebook. At first glance, it looks like scissors are coming out of his head because he had an itch on his hear I guess. But he cut both sides, the top, the back, layers all over!
 Yes I have mother's guilt for sitting on the couch and not being aware of my kids. Isaac takes matters in his own hand. The night before, Steven found him all decked out with Dylan's bike pads and helmet with a big bike fallen on top of him. The bikes had tipped over when he was trying to get Dylan's bike out - by himself. He was ready to take it for a spin! Who needs parents or training wheels when you have pads I guess.
 Buzzing the rest of it off was sad for all. Steven didn't like cutting his soft hair and Isaac liked the hair the way he had styled it himself.
He went into the pool to wash off.
He looks a lot like Dylan from the back now. I have had to do double takes more than once.
He's so cute with his big white forehead. 


Anonymous said...

I have the "Peace" picture on display in my home life size in a very large digital picture frame. The girl is incredibly cute and I love this picture. Every time I walk up to look at her the cuteness puts a smile on my face.

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