Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Month, My Steven!

It's still June, so this post isn't late:) 
I love my Steven. I started the month out trying to think of how I could do good things for him every day. The problem is, he does all of the service around the house. I mean, he was making US dinner when I got home from work, and he always does most of the chores. In fact, on Father's Day (also in this month), he said that he should probably start some laundry. I told him that I would do it b/c it was Father's Day, and he said something like, please, that's exactly why I want to do it. He's better at so many things. He sets priorities and always achieves them. That's one reason I fell in love with him. I was one of his priorities and knew that he would keep me as one, which he has. He keeps our home and family in order. I'd be lost without him. He's always a really hard worker at his job, at home, and whenever he volunteers. 

Back to his birthday celebration. 
On Steven's birthday eve, we surprised him with a home made cake and lots of fun candles. 
He's getting old! 

I had to go to the store for some more chicken for the dinner, so after picking up Malia in her school's car line, then just missing Dylan's school's Spring Sing (walking into an empty auditorium with Ivy strapped to me and Tyler in the car seat/stroller and the other 3 kids holding onto us), we did it again at the grocery store. (The trip was about as ridiculous as that sentence.) 
 We also changed Steven's cake order for his real birthday, not a surprise.
 So that night, my mom, Don, and JT came over for delicious honey lime enchiladas, salad, and rice.
 Then Steven rushed to open his presents, some of them. I had made a shadow box of our Savage Race. I included both of our medals, my wrist corsage, and some matted pictures of course. I asked Steven if it was he had envisioned. He laughed. He had only mentioned putting the finish picture up and somehow in my own mind, I instantly thought about a shadow box and months later I finally did it. So it was way more than he had requested right after the race!
 I had to go to a photoshoot (an awesome engagement one), so that was pretty much the end of his birthday eve. On his birthday, I made french toast then his friend took him to lunch. It's funny b/c I had planned on asking that friend to take him to lunch, but he did it all on his own (and didn't even know it was Steven's birthday until I texted him to thank him). Then Steven took Dylan to Tae Kwon Do and picked up Chineese food. We were sorta hoping that his Volleyball game would be cancelled for the rain, but it wasn't. So we all went to the game, 6 kids, 2 wives, and Ana and Gia were even there! I went right from work so didn't have my camera. There are pictures on Corrie's camera somewhere. Then Bailey came over and we went to Andre's for some Publix cake.
 I'm pretty sure that the owner of the Sideburns vintage tshirt etsy store felt like it was his birthday.
 All the boys were excited about that cake. Tyler liked the fishies.
Speaking of Steven, for Father's Day I made some gross chocolate chip pancakes. Yes the smoke alarm went off. The turkey bacon and OJ were good. Oh well. Steven opened his home made gifts and a bigskinny  wallet with some wallet pictures of the boys included. 
 Dylan wrote Steven a card that mentioned what he liked about his dad. Dylan likes "when you put on shows for us." They like to hang out and watch TV shows like Gator Boys and America's Got Talent.
 Then we went outside and Steven worked on the fire pit. For his birthday, his brother got him all of the stones for a fire pit! Andre mentioned the gift and I thought he was going to get SOME of the stones to get Steven started. Little did I know, he gave Steven ALL of them! Steven has been wanting a fire pit for years. That was the best birthday gift that Steven got. I got him an Ipod transmitter thingy with an Itunes gift card, my mom and Don got him a camping chair for Soccer games (Steven loved that) and the game of Sequence which we've played a couple of times. He got shorts and some Tervis cups with lids. One of them was a Rays hat to go along with his new Rays hat he opened early and one of them was a "World's Greatest Dad" cup which he waited to open until Father's Day. Oh yea, and Steven and Andre went to a Rays game and had great seats with Steven's work friends. They got to see the mascot and had a lot of fun.

 We like hanging out in the back yard with Daddy.
So anyway, I love my husband and like him a lot. He's amazing.

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