Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dear Tyler, you're 9 months old!

Dear Baby Tyler, 
You're 9 months old! That seems so old to me, the weeks go by way too fast and I don't have enough days to sit and watch you crawl and discover. You're a cute crawler. You're good at it. You're wiggly and squirmy. In the bath and on the changing table, you are drawn to danger. It's pretty much a two person job to change your naked self, but we manage. I laugh and you give me frowny looks until I make a funny noise or something, then you laugh. I remember loving the changing table for that fun eye contact with your big brothers. 
You nurse a lot, and that's your favorite way to fall asleep. That's the easiest too. You don't like to be put down, so bedtime is tiring for all of us. It is natural to sleep with you by my side, so I still like to "sleep when the baby sleeps." 
When I load the dish washer, you crawl in and either climb on the dish washer or pull up on my calves. It's difficult. 
You can really play with the boys now. You knock over stacks of blocks as one fun game. But you can crawl over almost any obstacle, so they carry you to me and away from their creations. 
 I call you "Teeko Tyky Tyler" or "Tyler T" still.
You love this flat red spinning top.
 You do eat table scraps. 
You pull up on anything and have spilled lots of cups of water and left over plates of food (Isaac). 

You went under water for the first time the day before you turned 9 months old! 

You dance on your knees by bouncing bouncing bouncing and smiling. You do it sitting some too. 

You can open cabinets and doors, but not all the way yet. You run into yourself and repeat the motion. 

You sound like an owl or scary ghost when you're making happy noises. 
You cut a tooth and it's the cutest thing! Yes we brush it:) 
 You like balls too, I want that to be your first word.
We started doing sign language with you, we'll see if any sticks.
Isn't it amazing how you used to fit in Great Grandma Rebeck's dump truck? I had to stuff you in it here. And I like the number 9 on your sleeve.) 
I like you, my little baby buddy, and I love you lots too!
Love, Mommy

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Kat Tilby said...

So interesting how different he is from the other two. In some ways I'm sure he's very similar, but he's his own little guy with his own personality. He's getting pretty chunky in that onesie picture! Cute squishable thighs.

I love the picture of all 4 of your boys in the playroom. It looks like the kids were having so much fun playing with their daddy that they weren't angry when Tyler pulled down their tower. I swear it looks like Isaac is looking to Steven to decide whether to laugh or be upset, but Dylan is definitely laughing. And look how clean the playroom still is! Congrats!

I like that you got a picture of him trying to be mischievous but not yet figuring out how to actually get the cabinet door open. He reminds me of you in that picture. I don't know if I've seen a picture of you in a similar pose or what. And the toothbrush photo is absolutely perfect! Eye contact, matching outfit, green grass, curled up toes, and a ball for good measure. :) Great job!