Monday, May 14, 2012

happy mother's day to me!

I was planning on going to a friend and her daughter's baptisms this morning. But then again, I guess I didn't REALLY plan that well, b/c I didn't wake up 'til 8:35 and it was at 9am, and my hair was still wet from my nightly 2am shower. Good news: the smoke alarm went off once I was downstairs and it wasn't MY cooking this time!  Steven followed a video tutorial on how to make French Toast - his first time! It was delicious.  And I'm glad the smoke alarm went off - because now he knows that it just does it, not really for a good reason.  We just don't have a vent in the kitchen. The breakfast spread was beautiful. He had cut 2 kinds of mango and had sliced strawberries on a large serving plate and had the french toast warming in the oven. We even had orange juice with extra pulp and whipped cream! I missed the baptisms, but we were early to church and I got to hug my friend and give her a little "I Am A Child Of God" board book for her family. (She has a baby who's going to be 1 soon.)

Don helped in the nursery. The kids loved him.

I had a hall bulletin board sorta decorated enough for the Mother's and Father's day months.
Dylan and Isaac gave me cards they had made in their Primary classes. Then we went home. It looked a bit like Father's day b/c Steven got to take a nap with our boys cuddling with him. Steven and I always want to be the ones with a kid to cuddle by us. "Honey I Shrunk The Kids" was on.

 I need to cut and highlight my hair. Sometimes I try different things w/ it since it's so long.

Then we went to Grandma's for linner, or is it lupper.  It's at 3pm and I was full from the egg salad sandwiches Steven had made us. The pork tenderloin was yummy. And Steven purchased a fun colorful "Strawberry and Peach Sensation" Publix cake for desert.

We finished the afternoon "google plussing" (video conference calling) Martin, Hollie, and Kat. I love that I get to live close to these moms.
 I did take a picture of the 25 yr incremental 4 generations. (We each had the baby to our right when we were 25 yrs old.) It stops with Dylan b/c he's a boy, and b/c he's only 6 years old!
 I feel so so so blessed and hope they rub off on me a bit.

And now I'm blogging while Steven's giving the kids a bath and doing laundry. (I'm all caught up on editing and ordering client orders too for once! I scheduled a break b/c I was doing wedding projects for Andre and Barbie and wanted to relax today. I'll be over busy soon and have had to say no too many times lately - that's really hard.) Anyway, happy Mother's Day to me! (Look at Tyler's eye lashes, chubby limbs, and falling cheeks. Steven said the flash could wake him up. I'd be okay with that:)

K, we just watched Avatar (we had DVR'd it). I have thoughts but will organize them perhaps when I'm not tired. And Steven's doing the dishes!! Wow, what a Mother's Day gift!

I'll take some pictures of my boys' Mother's Day cards tomorrow. g'night!

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Julie said...

Joseph kept telling me that he painted in nursery last week and was so proud of his work. It looks great!