Friday, May 18, 2012

Easter Sunday

On Easter morning, we woke up early to get dressed up and to take our picture in front of our door. I had the tripod ready, but the boys took a little longer to get ready so we were still late to church. I don't even know how that happened. But isn't our doorway beautiful!! 
 I went to a bunch of stores looking for a perfect Easter dress for myself. My mom used to make my sister and me dresses that we couldn't wear until Easter Sunday. I don't have girls, nor do I sew much, but I did get the boys Easter suits, shirts, shoes, and ties. If only I had tucked in Isaac's shirt and buttoned his jacket. Oh well. Back to me, I was discouraged because I did not like the dresses even though I told myself it was okay to splurge. Even with no budget limits, I could not find a dress or a skirt and shirt (nursing accessible) either. Oh well.

Like the year before, Steven made the dinner. I didn't help with anything except at least this year my mom and Don were back in town for dinner. Now that they're empty nesters, they go visit other parts of our family. I picked them up from the air port and dinner was ready! Ham, salad, and grilled corn and sweet potatoes. We actually had another side in the fridge we forgot about so we ate it with the left overs the next day. I think it was potato salad.
After the kids almost had enough of wrestling their granddad, I drove my parents to Grandma's to take her some dinner then home. I like how holidays have traditions and family. And we could talk about the real meaning of Easter at church and with our families.

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