Friday, June 1, 2012

to Ferberize, Fegerize or Fockerize?

My friend Betsey just wrote down a sweet story about her smart creative daughter who's around Isaac's age. In commenting on her post, I wrote the following, which I decided was too long and should appear on my own blog:
how sweet. and i love that you wrote that story down. i'd forget something like that.
p.s. i just let tyler cry it out. the night before wasn't so fun. I told Steven not to go in to get our crying 9 month old just yet b/c I was trying to "Ferberize" him. So Steven went to the computer to look up what you had told me etc. After a couple of minutes I went up to and picked him up to calm him down before putting him back in bed to cry histerically. (Which is against what we were reading.) Then Steven did the same. twice. then the cry slowed down and we waited and  let him finally "eeeeeeeeeeeeeh, eeeeeeh, eeeeeh" it out and Tyler fell asleep plopped down in half over his cris-crossed legs. Steven declared that we had instead "Fegerized" him. That reminded me of the scene in one of the "Meet The Parents" movies where the two sets of parents were talking about whether to go get the crying baby or not. One set of parents "Fockerized" their son with lots of love and co-sleeping. Actually, I did that the other night b/c I had stayed up 'til 4am the night before and therefore was tired and in NO mood to deal with a crying baby. Tyler and I went to bed at like 7:30 in my bed and it was glorious. Parenting is so different for every family. I swear I'll truely do it your way w/ a 4th kid if we have one!  um, i'm going to blog this b/c this is way too long of a comment. i miss you and love seeing updates about your fam!
Betsey taught her kids how to self soothe so they can go to sleep w/o all of the drama and I'm jealous. But then again, I like nursing my baby to sleep and keeping him with me. And I've never been a good schedule type person.
Anyway, all I want for my birthday is blog books. I'll even pay if somebody just sits down to do it. They are the BEST gifts ever. I have scraps of paper where I write down stories sometimes of fun Isaacisms and Dylanisms, but I need to actually journal them.  I have been journaling a little more b/c I've been lacking on the blog.

One Isaacism is what he told me on the way to my grandma's house when we were celebrating her birthday. We had gotten her tomato plants and a watering wand to reach up to those upside down planters. The kids made her a card too. Isaac said that what he wished he could have gotten her was a grandpa because she was lonely. We don't even talk about my grandma like that, but it's a sweet observation. I should go hang out with her more often even if she doesn't act lonely.

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