Monday, May 21, 2012

Saturday. Sheesh!

On Saturday mornings, we don't sleep in. We go to soccer. 
First, Isaac and Noah play. 
 Tyler is tired but there's too much to see so he rarely naps.
 My mom came because the older boys spent the night with her, and she misses being a soccer mom.
 Then Dylan, Malia, and Olivia play. Dylan played goalie then said he was cold. Not a good work out. Then the 2nd half when his coach was going to put him back in goal, he asked if he could switch and she benched him. The poor coach could use some coaching (and gets lots from the dads and grandpa/papaw).
 Malia got kicked in the chin, not hard, but not fun.
On the ride back to the car, Tyler fell asleep. 
Sometimes we call him "Tyler T." 
 We came home to drop off Steven and my mom so Steven could nap and we went to a birthday party for Savannah and Micah who were turning 2 and for DJ who loved his first birthday party.
 There was a bounce house and pool. It's a good thing I went, because, as is becoming a horrible tradition, I saved DJ's nephew. (Yes, his older sister's baby who's actually a little older than him.) I walked onto the pool deck and saw the baby vertical under the water sorta splashing his finger tips above his head. That's so scarry! My phone was already out of my pocket because I anticipated jumping in, but this baby was only like 5" from the edge. I don't know how long he had been under and didn't even know who the baby was. At one point, I scanned the bottom of the pool since I didn't see Dylan. He was wearing his new white rash guard and was sitting on the deep end ladder and blended in. There HAS to be a designated kid watcher when there's water so I stood scanning until the boys were done. I wish there was a local charity that taught free swim lessons and water safety lessons.
 Anyway, there were lots of families there, fun themed foods and decorations, and even a bounce house. The birthday babies were happy the whole time then DJ fell asleep in his pretty mama's arms.
 We went home to the clean play room. I offered my brother $20 to take the kids form me after Tae Kwon Do the evening before. I said he could take them to Ya Ya's or McDonald's or pocket the $ and go to mom's, then to call me when he had other things to do. Instead, my mom called and said she'd keep them over night, so Steven and I had date night w/ Tyler and the soon-to-be-other-Fegers (Andre and Barbie.) Then, I cleaned the play room. It was a WRECK before. The kids have too many toys, but they really do play with them. Well there are some that don't get played with much, so I gave some away and hid the marble race track b/c the marbles scare me. I organized the closet and have a home for everything. There's even an empty tall basket and empty shelf.
 Then, since Steven was rested, he took the kids to Chuck E Cheese's to use up the tokens from Raphael's birthday party. Tyler and I napped, but not for long since Tyler doesn't seem to need to nap as long as I do.

 Tyler said "Ball" twice, so we're claiming. He's not a vocal baby, but we do think he said it.
Then he started blowing kisses! So cute!!

Then I gave Tyler a bath and took him to Abercrombie Park for some 9 month pictures. I have 2 full paid photo shoots this week, so I'm anticipating not having time to blog or do Tyler's photos. 
Here's one comparison. I was planning on having him stand and push the truck at his 9 month photos b/c he can stand when holding onto something, but the truck is too small! He would have to stoop over. So I stuffed him in it. Look how tiny he was!!! 
After getting the kids in bed, I got ready and met some friends out at Push for Jana's birthday. I don't think I had been since Steven's 30th birthday party.
Thanks for inviting me Jolyn! 
The rooftop reminded me of our Miami days and going to Club Space 'til the sunrise.
Then I went to bed. The end of a long Saturday:)

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Kat Tilby said...

Man, no more pool parties for you! Or should it be, you have to go to every single party you hear of because if you don't someone will drown! Sheesh! Good thing you were already anticipating jumping in.