Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dear Tyler, you're 8 months old

Dear Tyler,
You're 8 months old. You've changed so much this past month! Well, you didn't cut any teeth still, and I thought you'd cut at least one of your bottom ones like I did when I was 7 months old.
 You still sleep when we're out. You usually take an hour morning nap (late morning), then a small one in the afternoon, and another small one in the evening. You go to bed after the boys and sometimes wake up lots, and sometimes stay asleep 'til you hear Steven's alarm clock. I always wake up with you next to me. I used to love it so much, but now you try crawling off of the bed before I'm ready to wake up.
 You learned how to crawl. You crawl everywhere. Sometimes you suck on your bottom lip.
 You take cat naps unless you're napping w/ me. That seems natural. You usually start off on your back then rotate to your side and back to your back. Twice you got to your tummy.
 And of course you can pull up. You pull up on my legs and disable me so I have to pick you up. You're smart.
 You to play peek-a-boo.

 You do a scrunch nose face sometimes, I don't know if I've caught it on camera yet though.

 Changing your diaper is one of the most difficult things ever these days. You roll over as soon as I put you on your changing table. Then you pull up on the window sill and I have to open the blinds and scoot you away from the twisting rod. And I have to blindly wrap and strap the diaper on you.
 You sing to yourself. You sorta purr when you're falling asleep in a swing or car seat. You said Da Da da da da on the 14th when the whole family could hear you from your car seat. You've only said it like 2 other days since then.
 And you sound like a haunted house sound track sometimes with your "oooooOOOOOOOooohs."
 Your big brothers discovered that they can pick you up to get you out of trouble (or away from their creations.) I'm pretty sure that Isaac learned this from Malia then Dylan from Isaac. I'm not a fan in general.
 You pull up then can bend down to pick things up and can go back up again. You know about getting from one couch to the table by foot, but still prefer to sink down then pull up after turning on the ground.

 Your eyes look green sometimes, like mine! They're blue around the edges w/ some brown around the pupil.
 No teeth yet. Still!

 You don't have a bald spot, but you do have longer hair on the top of your head and around the edges. It's fairly blonde and is so soft.

 You nurse, but get distracted easily. You lunge for water cups and can drink from a straw. You have good finger to thumb pinching and picking up food coordination.

 You can play with your brothers more.
Sometimes you keep your mouth wide open, just in case there happens to be something good flying around that might land in your mouth. You like to eat and eat finger foods more than baby foods. You still like cereal . You're ticklish and like going upside down. If I play with you going upside down doing flips on my lap, you will throw your head back to go again. You have some stranger danger and stare at new people. You have been a little fussy in the evenings again. But you have a clear runny nose and a bit of a cough. Today Isaac and Dylan and Ivy got it. So it's not you cutting teeth like we thought.
I love you little baby boy, you're beautiful. I love it when you stare at my eyes when you're nursing or are tired.
Love, Mommy

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