Monday, April 23, 2012

Easter Saturday

We started out too early - playing soccer. I don't believe that I have blogged any soccer. Dylan's school friend invited him to play in his church's soccer league.  That's the Crews' church so we invited them.  Dylan's school friend moved away, which is sad, but soccer is good now that the practices are over. Noah and Isaac are on the same team, and Dylan, Malia, and Olivia are on the same team. 

 Olivia scored!!!

 Darren's mom and step-dad were in town for Easter weekend so they came to watch too.

then we went home to shower and went right to Brandon's 6th birthday party at the Treasure Island Fun Center.   

 Then I took a nap with Tyler, we ate dinner. I filled their baskets with the traditional books. The rest of the stuff is from my mom and  Don.  I got them dart gun refills. I don't really get into the Easter bunny and getting kids crazy gifts for Easter.  Baskets are fun, but I just used some baskets we had.  My mom made me my Easter basket and I kept it for a long time.  I think she mailed it to me at BYU and I don't know where it is now. 

 Then the lighting was beautiful and Steven hid the eggs in the back yard that they boys had carefully "filled" the evening before with two jelly beans each. Tyler is the youngest, so he got a head start on the hunt.  
 Then Isaac got a 10 second head start on Dylan.

 My mom got the boys most of the things in their Easter baskets. They learned that chocolate bunnies are hollow, dissapiointing to every child.  I got Tyler squirt pool/bath toy animals - equally delicious to him.
 They learned that chocolate bunnies are hollow, disappointing to every child.  I got Tyler squirt pool/bath toy animals - equally delicious to him.
 Tyler had recently started crawling. I should have put some baby legs on him or something.

 Oh yea, I got them squirt guns that had candy in their tops. Isaac kept pretending to smile for a picture with his chocolate face but then was darting away so quickly.  I got one, but he had wiped the chocolate mostly away by then.

 We had made string eggs in Joy school and I wanted a picture of it. Dylan pretended he made it out of his Spiderman webbing.
The kids had baths and went to bed. We actually didn't read any of the Easter story, but that's okay because most of the nights before that week, we had read from Matthew, Mark, Luke, and some of John - about the last week of Christ's life. So they were prepared for Easter Sunday. I'd like to do an Easter Sonrise service every year, but I can't get my act together, and I taught the nursery school church lesson to prepare etc so I stayed up late like I do before any exciting day. When the kids can all fully get themselves up and ready by themselves, maybe I'll pick up that tradition.


Kathryn said...

Sounds like you did LOTS of Easter stuff even if you didn't go all out on the baskets. Cut pictures of you kids running around all excited...for eggs they filled themselves. I particularly like the one of Dylan running so fast only a couple of his toes on one foot are still on the ground. And the soccer pictures are fun too...but my question is, is this whole league kids from the church? That's a lot of kids!

Rachel said...

What a fun Easter. Such cute pictures. I love how Spider Man is in every shot!! It makes me laugh. You have a beautiful family.