Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dear Tyler, you're 3 months old!

Dear Tyler,
You're 3 months old now. 
I've taken some pictures of you and your brothers lately, but I may use them for Christmas card photos, so I'm not going to post them just yet.  Oh how I wish I had our card figured out already! 

You have firm bouncy cheeks I like to kiss and kiss and kiss some more.  Dylan and Isaac like to touch them. 
Sometimes I call you "Tyler T."  I don't know why, and I don't even like it.  It's funny how I called Dylan "my little Dylan head" and Isaac "I-Z pie or shmeye."  Pooka pie kah and Shmeye shmay came to mind too. 
You're getting into a groove and I like it.  You're (knock on wood) predictable!  You don't eat much it seems, so you don't poo much, so I thought.  You overfilled your diapers twice today to make up for it:)  (We both had 2 baths today.) 
You have officially gotten a little louder.  You're still not the ear piercing loud crier that Ivy is, but I know when you're mad.  (This is when you're in your car seat.)  You even have a sad face now - your little lip puts out before you cry.  I saw it for the first time like 2 weeks ago.  Daddy had already seen it and I hadn't believed him.  So sad!!  You get fussy when you're tired.  You calm down either by being put in the swing or by bouncing up and down in front of me.  You have to be vertical and I gently bounce you from under your arm pits around your ribs or holding your arms to your side if I bundled you.  It's sweet to see your sleepy eyes stare into mine until their lids cover them. 
You're a good sleeper and sleep 8 hours/night w/o interruption then go right back to sleep after I feed you a little. 
You grabbed a napkin off of our lap and put it to your mouth today!  I think it was an accident, but still, you've been staring at your fists for about a week now and have been trying to use your brain waves to make them magically get to your mouth.  You have a staring contest with them sometimes.  I need to get you another mobile for your crib b/c I know you'd love to stare at it and would probably fall asleep by yourself if you had something to keep you company. 

This play gym keeps you occupied and you can't even grab anything yet!
 You're staring down a toy instead of looking at me.  At least Ivy cares - j/k.
 Malia was "sick" so she stayed home w/ me.  She needed a break like Dylan did when he skipped to go to Busch Gardens.  Count 5 kids in this picture.  Then we went to pick up Dylan from school.  Then we all took Dylan to tae kwon do.  Crazy days!
This is my little naked boy from earlier today.  You used to fit inside of that hanging part and your toes didin't even touch the end!   
 I helped your hand grab this toy, and you kept it there. 
 More stare downs. 
 Nap time today.  I wanted to give you the bath then take your onesie picture, but you were so tired.  So I washed the cars while you took a nap.  Today was a hot day - the water from the hose wasn't cold at all.  Daddy and your brothers bought then wrapped white lights around our big tree out front. 
Today is Small Business Saturday, so I was supposed to go shop at small businesses.  I just stayed home instead.  Daddy took your brothers to a new restaurant, but you and I were content here.  I did get a couple of takers on my little add which was fun.  I offered 3 5x7s in your name b/c you're 3 months old today! 
 Look how sweet and new you were!  Time if flying by way too quickly.  There's so much to do.  I make sure to just stare at you and listen to your baby talk as much as possible.  I love your "aah, uh-goo, oooh," and "uh" sounds.  They're pretty quiet, and so sweet. 
So happy 1/4 year birthday!
Love, Mommy

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Kathryn said...

Cute! A smiling onesie picture! :) Crazy to compare those from his first couple of weeks to the more recent ones. For a baby who doesn't eat a ton, he sure is chubby!

Do all babies stare at their hands like that before they figure out how to make them do what they want them to do? Pretty funny!