Friday, November 25, 2011

Tyler's 1st Thanksgiving

Tyler and I slept in today.  We had a perfect start to our morning.  The boys played catch and practiced batting with various balls and oranges.

 Dylan and Isaac painted a turkey onesie for Tyler using their hands and Dylan's foot.
 They played around the pool and on the orange tree. 
 I went for a run in an old Turkey Trot shirt then came home to a smiley Tyler. 
Tangent: Tyler goes to bed around 9 or 9:30 each night.  I put him in his bed and he sleeps for 7 or 8 hours and Steven brings him to me.  I nurse him right back to sleep while we both sleep then he doesn't wake up 'til 7 something.  I feed him again a little then if we have to get up, he's up, but if we can sleep a little more, he sleeps.  He wakes up and when I finally wake up, we smile at each other.  I call in Dylan and Isaac so we can laugh with Tyler.  I sometimes try to feed him again, but he's not hungry so will spit that right back up.  I never learn.  Then he's awake for a bit 'til his morning nap.  He wakes up for lunch time then takes another afternoon nap or two.  I like him:)
 This was his afternoon nap.  I still bundle him up. 
 Brace youself.

The onesie is pretty sad, the wind blew it over on its face, for one thing. 
AND Tyler isn't happy that I wanted to put him down in his beanbag. 
He likes to be held if he's sleepy. 
 I brought him inside and he was distracted with his own hands. 
He's really trying to get control of them. 

 I like this one a little better.  He was ready to go pick up his great grandma.
 He cried in the car though.  He hates his car seat. 
Barbie and Andre hosted Thanksgiving this year!  (My mom is in Utah.)
 The kids played hide and seek and catch while the turkey was carved.

 Andre rented tables - we all fit perfectly!  And there was even a kids table:)

 A pretty good first Thanksgiving for my baby boy!  Even though he didn't directly eat any turkey. 
Until, it turned into the worst 1st Thanksgiving ever. Poor Tyler had to be in his car seat for what seemed to me like forever! And he cried, with tears, gurgling, spitting up, and even a little sweat on his mullet. I'm so sorry!  He had a bath and went to bed a little before 9pm.  I think that I should get to have a megaphone on the top of my mini-van that acts like a siren.  Tyler's cry will be amplified and the traffic will move out of the way to let me rush home to comfort my baby - it's stressful when that's the only time I can't comfort him!  It feels like an emergency.  There's a new rule that there's no talking when the baby is crying.  I can't handle that.  Gunny bag came when I got home too.  I know he shouldn't come when I'm stressed out, but he did.  So Dylan and Isaac cried too.  But they got baths and are sleeping too.  Maybe I'm still tired even though I got to sleep in.  But this is a good break from editing.  Only three more families' sessions to go through. 


Kathryn said...

Looks like Barbie and Andre did a great job hosting a Thanksgiving feast! :) And looks like Tyler isn't freaked out by crowds ... unless his version of freaking out is sleeping soundly.

Grandma Rebeck looks very skinny, and Tyler looks quite, well, not. Funny juxtaposition. :)

It's so sad that he's decided he hates his car seat. Doesn't he know that he's part of a very busy family that often has to be in the car several times a day? I guess babies just like car seats or they don't--there's not really a way to change their minds about it. Dang it.

Do you sing the Here Comes Gunny Bag song, complete with the non-singing part at the end? And what do the boys have to do to get things out of Gunny Bag?

Kathryn said...

Oh, I forgot to respond to the first part of the blog!

Dylan and Isaac painted the onesie using their hands ... and Dylan's foot? Um, was that purposeful or just a silly addition by a cute 5-year-old? Glad to see Dylan's no longer too worried about having yucky stuff on his hands, so he can participate in crafts like this.

And I'm impressed you did your own personal turkey trot this morning. Preston did too. He ran the three miles to his cabinet shop to pick up a car that had been left there--and he did that while I was still fast asleep!

I didn't know you bundled Tyler up for naps. Does that make him sleep better? And how do you get the bundling to stay? I have a friend who uses duct tape...

And I love that you wrote "brace yourself" before the crying photo in the new onesie. Poor little sad baby. I just want to pick him up and cuddle him. The next two photos are pretty funny though since he looks like he's deeply concentrated on his fists. :)