Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving stuff

The kindergarten turkey. Note: Dylan's feather is the only one with a photo. These were family homework projects.
 Our thanksgiving tree. I gave each kid a color.  Noah participated too.  Isaac picked the branches and pine cones that morning with me at Lake Seminole Park. 
 Dylan is addicted to coloring.  I've been meaning to document that here.  His new thing is writing.  He spells things out himself, and sometimes asks how to spell things.  He makes lists of words he'd like to see written.  His best friend at school is Dawson.  He wrote his leaves all by himself.
 He just learned "ai, the two letter A in the middle of a word" and used it to spell playground.
 Isaac began looking around the living room when we were writing the things down that he's thankful for.  See the remote control.  I didn't give any hints to lead them to say what they're thankful for. 

 Tyler is following things more with his eyes.  It's a different look now - he wants to figure out how to grab!  The other day he kept punching himself.  I asked him "why are you hitting yourself, why are you hitting yourself?" while Dylan and Isaac were cracking up.  When he grabs my hand, he doesn't let go.  He wraps his whole wrist and arm around me.  I love it. 

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Kathryn said...

Hey, hey, I wanna guess who did which color! So Dylan was red and Isaac was orange . . . so you're brown . . . but who's thankful for snakes???