Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Monday Picture Dump

On one hand, I'm already dreading going back to work - even though I won't be working that much. 
On the other hand, I'm thinking of the photo shoots that I need to schedule (I have quite the waiting list that I need to cram in before December.)  I'm thinking how I can use my sister to babysit while I work at either photography or the dental office.  I can't seem to relax and just enjoy not having any deadlines.  The only things I HAVE to do tomorrow are take Dylan to school, pick him up from school, take Kat to the airport, and finish a cardboard Joy School house.  Of course there's a lot more on my potential-to-do-list in my mind. 

Time flies when I don't have a ton of things to be in charge of.  I really just need to focus on my 3 boys and get to nurse, change, and cuddle with the sweet baby. 

I'm sadly no longer the Young Women president at church.  It's good, because I needed to cut things out, my grandma (and others) are convinced that I got so sick with that sinus infection because I'm over scheduled.  The busy photography season is upon me, so I know I'll be stressed and won't have time to personally blog much soon.  I need this time to bond with my family and get organized and plan.  So it's a good thing to be released from that calling. 

Enough talk, here're some photos from my "2011 September" folder.

Snowballs with all 6 kids:

 1st time capturing Tyler's smile!  Ironically, it was at his doctor's office, he'll be crying next time I bet. 
 Isaac took lots of pictures of him too. 
 Tyler's 1st time to church. We just stayed for the sacrament meeting, although we weren't on time for that portion of the meeting.  Next time!  Don gave a good talk, so that was a good surprise!
 We surprised my mom and Don by inviting them over for a cook out then having Kat here!  Kat hid in the playroom and when my mom was supposed to ask where Tyler was, we were going to tell her where he was, and he'd be in Kat's arms.  Isaac instead started calling for Aunt Kat because he wanted Grandma to know that she was here.  My mom thought Isaac was confused and told him that she wasn't here, but then after looking at me, and I said nothing, she too started calling for Kathryn and, in shock, threw her arms and legs up way higher than this recreated photo.  She was happy!
 Dylan and Isaac were so hyper/happy to have Aunt Kat here.

 This is me.  Admiring my boys.  Not knowing what to do with myself w/o the baby or camera in my hands.  Steven asked me tonight, "Can't I just sit on the couch w/o having to worry about a camera showing up in my face every time?"  Nope. 
What's not to love about this picture? 
Or this one?
I held the camera up high over my head to get this.  I wish I had a different lense so you could see that he was on my lap right next to the key board.  Sometimes, he just wants to be held, so I hold him while editing photos.  But of course his cuteness distracts me.  I want to remember everything and he's already changing!
See how easily I can get distracted?  He's smiling again!

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The Howells said...

These are the cutest pictures! What a fun surprise for Vicki, I can just imagine the squeals of delight when she saw Kat lol.