Thursday, November 24, 2011

Daddy and Dylan Day of Fun (posted by Steven)

As you may recall, soon after Tyler was born, I took Isaac and Noah to Busch Gardens.  Dylan couldn't go because he just started kindergarten.  Well, I had Veteran's Day off, so Dylan skipped school and just he and I went this time.  We were able to do a few things that we wouldn't be able to do with the younger kids, like feeding kangeroos (must be 5 yrs old), bumper cars (must be 42" tall), and Grover roller coaster (must be brave).  Here are some photos:

 This was my lunch- probably too much, but I ate it all.  Dylan's lunch didn't fit on the tray.

 Dylan was proud that he was in the green at 46", so he was tall enough for this ride.


Kathryn said...

So fun! Looks like it was sunny, but was it cold? And that's cool that Dylan was big enough to do some things this trip that you wouldn't have done with the younger kids along. ... And that lunch looked yummy and HUGE! :P

Kathryn said...

And I think feeding colorful birds right out of your hand is cool! How have I never seen that part of Busch Gardens? And I don't think I've seen kangaroos either. Why do you have to be a certain age to feed them? So you can't fit between the poles of the confinement and climb in with them?

Anonymous said...

It was a little cool in the morning, but not too bad. The bird area has been there forever. The kangaroo area has only been there a few years. My only guess about the kangaroos is they are afraid that younger kids will pull the kangaroos' ears, hair, and tails.