Monday, December 5, 2011

a Smile With Me update

Today, while checking the tracking of my new lense, the doorbell rang!  There it was, along with a print order!

Then the FedEx guy came with a gift for somebody. 

Then the mail lady came with gifts for the kids - they get to open those presents early because I knew what Lacey gets them every year. 

So while taking pictures of Tyler opening his FIRST Christmas present, with my NEW lense, our sugar cookies got a little over toasty.  But that's ok because it's a good day!  The only odd thing - no Christmas cards in the mailbox.  That's ok, we JUST ordered ours 2 days ago (along with image cubes for myself) and I still have one client's images to process for their cards.  It'll be a busy night tonight. 
Gotta go, Ivy is stirring.

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