Friday, October 21, 2011

Tyler, 8 weeks, still sleepy

 I have the best baby ever.  He makes me want to have another.  Not any time soon, but I do forsee another pregnancy.  If he were a crying handfull, I'd probably be DONE! 

He sleeps a lot still.  He's a good nurser.  He doesn't cry much, and when it is, I can barely hear him - and it's often just because he's really sleepy again.  When he wakes up, I know because I hear hiccuping from the other room.  He doesn't cry when he wakes up. 

Yesterday was a good day.  Besides forgetting to put our dinner out in the sun oven, that is.  I was on time to take Dylan to school, the boys to Corrie's, and to work.  I had good patients and was booked.  I then was leaving for lunch when Bevin called, "have a good lunch!"  I said, "I have a can of soup, lunch won't be good, but seeing Tyler and Isaac will be good."  I got to Corrie's and Tyler was awake in the swing.  She told me that he was probably hungry, so I nursed him to sleep.  I put him back in the swing and pumped the rest.  Corrie got me a tall glass of water and made me a turkey sandwich which was delicious!  I got to see Isaac and Noah play happily with their shirts off.  Isaac was reaching under Ivy's crib with a long broom handle to try to get a toy.  Silly kids.  I went back to work fed and happy with a big smile thinking of all the people who bless my life.  I had a card from a patient waiting for me congratulating me on my baby.  I showed my brag book to some patients who all loved it and asked who the photographer was - not my intention, but still makes me giggle inside.  One said, "you should start a business!" 

We ate Ramen Noodles and green smoothies for dinner, probably yummier then the spaghetti squash that had been on the menu.  It was a good day. 

Today, after a day of carpooling, napping, and planking, I took some pictures of my cutie. 
It's dificult because he sleeps so much.  I called my friend who texted back that she had a sleeping baby on her.  I took a picture similar to this one to send back and loved it.  I can't get my pics off of my rinky dink cell phone, so tried to take one with my heavy camera.  I'm too close, so I had to hold it way above my head to get this, and luckily the focus is okay.  I love it b/c this is my wonderful view. 
And over my shoulder, this is my other wonderful view.   The focus isn't good, but that's ok. 
 Tyler falls asleep.  I love him.  I always multi-task, but like to just sit and stare at him sometimes.  Everything else will be okay.  This is where I need to be. 
Oh yea, back to the pictures of Tyler from before I went in to feed him:

 He smiles about once/day and talks/coos about once/day.  He can't hold his head up well at ALL yet.  He doesn't hate tummy time though like my others did.  He won't get mad.  He'll just rest when his neck gets tired.  He's too wabbly to get a good picture.  I have to hold him tight.  He likes to be swaddled still too. 
here's a spit bubbles picture for you. ok, it's for me, not you.


Karissa said...

Your boys are seriously so. dang. cute. I can't get over how amazing they are!!! You should be proud of such a wonderful, awesome, gorgeous, and fun little family!

Kathryn said...

Aw, I love it! What a good post about the good things in life! And what a good baby that Tyler is. Do you think he's still so wobbly because he was early? Or is this normal?