Monday, October 10, 2011

not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, but SIX kids for me!

These two, Ivy and Tyler, bring back memories of when I just had Dylan then started watching Malia who was/is 3 months older.  Corrie and I thought we had our hands full with those two. 
 I only watched these 5 kiddos after Malia was done with her school.  She gets out early on Wednesdays. 
 Here we are after picking up Dylan from his school.  I never thought my mini van would be too small!  We had to take out a car seat to squish everybody in the back.  Isaac and Dylan cried about it for a minute. 
In that chaos, we still made candy corn sugar cookies.  If I do them again, I'll make them where they don't spread as much. 
 Here is Ivy and Tyler.  I tried to recreate the Malia and Dylan picture from 5 years before. 
I had forgotten that we did a close up instead of a full body shot of them. 
This is Dylan and Malia.  Dylan was only 5 days old. 
So here's a better comparison of Ivy and Tyler, outside - where I like it.
 Back to the full body shot of the now 5 yr olds:
And here's one of Ivy's 3 month portraits. 
Sometimes she looks just like Noah, but now she looks more like Malia. 
AND, she's getting Malia's personality.  Here we go again!
(I'll usually only have 5 kids which is good because by the time Steven and Darren came home, I had sweat in my hair, and my shirt had spit up in two places and yellow poo.  Yuck!)

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