Tuesday, October 11, 2011

a 6 weeks update

This little guys is 6 weeks old!  He has been since Friday.  It was wierd on both 5 weeks and 6 weeks not taking his weekly picture.  I just don't think I can keep up with that EVERY week so I'm limiting myself to monthly onesie pictures. 
But I can't help but post an update anyway!
He's cuter.  So are my other 2 boys.  As Dylan asks, (for real), "Why is he so cute?" 
 I think he's growing more and am afraid he won't fit this Halloween outfit on Halloween.  It's size newborn.  So he's been sleeping in it.  We all love it, thanks Uncle Andre and Barbie!
 He has started to coo, but not really.  It's more like he's trying. 
He still sleeps a lot. 
Some mornings he wants to be held and is antsy; sometimes I love that.  It's new though, so I have to get used to that.  Normally he sleeps, wakes to eat, stares at me with a confused look that cracks me up - I really do start to laugh out loud - then he falls back asleep. 

I love how Isaac washes his hands more frequently so he can touch the Tyler more.  They will have a good bond. 
 Tyler still likes to be bundled up.  He'll sleep on his back, side, or even tummy - I'm careful.  He can't lift his head well, but he can throw it back when he wants.  But then it flops somewhere else.  I love that he's still floppy. 
 He is getting stronger, like at diaper changes, he can lift his own rear when I lift his legs. 

 We saw this stranded lizard and saved him. 
 Speaking of pools, I jumped in on Saturday, just because I could.  I wasn't supposed to go swimming for 6 weeks.  I didn't know that w/ my two winter babies.  The boys were all in the back and I ran out the back door right past them and dove in.  Dylan and Isaac wanted to go in too, but I testified that the water was too cold for that windy day. 
 I love that Tyler still gets startled and throws his hands out like this.  It's a reflex that's called "come give me a hug and hold me tight, Mommy," and it's so sweet.  (I don't know the real name.)
Today: Tyler took a nap with me at 2:30.  He slept right through me getting up and kept snoozing until 6pm.  Isaac told me he was awake (he wasn't really crying.)  I fed the starving baby and he went back to sleep by sleep-eating.  We all ate our taco salad while he ate then he smiled that drunken smile and couldn't keep his eyes open.  So I put him up in his bed at 6:30 where he stayed asleep until 10:30.  It's midnight and he keeps squeeking a little like usual, but is still sleeping!  So 3.5 hours + 4 hours plus sleeping through the night = me ready for another baby!  Just kidding.  But he really is great each night too.  He does still sleep next to me once Steven brings him into me and he will eat while we sleep and if he wakes up, it's just to eat and it really doesn't interrupt my night much at all.  I'm sooo blessed to have a baby who knows his nights and days.  Let's just hope this lasts! 

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Kathryn said...

Cuteness! I love his little Halloween outfit with the monkey footies. And I like that you mention Isaac washing his hands right before you put a picture of him touching the baby.

. . . And then the random side note of the lizard that needed rescuing from the pool was pretty fun! But not as fun as your story of jumping in the cold water just because you could and making the boys jealous. :)