Sunday, October 30, 2011

After the Fall Festival (posted by Steven)

Dylan & Isaac weren't ready to go home after the festival, so on the way home we stopped by Philippe Park in Safety Harbor.  I had never been to this park, but I recently read about the indian mound there.  So after some time on the playground, we went on a walk to the mound.  For most of the pictures, Dylan and Isaac growled (in case we ran into any indians).  I got them to smile for some photos.
First, playtime: 

 Up the indian mound:

 Some smiling photos:

Prepared for an indian attack:


Kathryn said...

Raarrr!!! Indians run in fear! :P Those are some pretty good snarls. :) Does that sign say it's the Tocobaga Indian Mound? Looks like the little monkeys got some good climbing in while they were there.

betsey said...

Love it! It is fun to see pictures that Steven took, he's a good photographer, too! It is hard to compete with Tiffany, but STeven holds his own here :) And I love all the fun activities he does with the boys while you are taking care of Tyler :)

The Stevens said...

We went there one time. It's a nice park!