Saturday, October 29, 2011

Rattlesnake Festival- Oct 15th (posted by Steven)

While Tiffany was upstairs changing Tyler's diaper, Dylan, Isaac, and I snuck out of the house and went to the Rattlesnake Festival.  Apparently, there is a place called San Antonio, Florida about an hour north in Pasco County that holds a Rattlesnake Festival the 3rd weekend in October since 1967.  I just found out about this in 2011.  We saw a reptile show, a snake show, ate corn on the cob and kumquat pie, and the kids got their faces painted.  They also got to pet a snake, see a baby tiger, panther, and a couger. 

Just in case you didn't believe that this place existed:

This is an alligator snapping turtle:

 This is a big snake:
 Corn on the cob:
 Face painting:

Back at home:

We'll see you next year, San Antonio, Florida!


Kathryn said...

So you LIKED that place with the enormous snake and the lethal-looking turtle? Yikes!!! The kumquat pie sounds quite good though. And I had definitely never heard of such a place in Florida. How'd you hear about it?

The Spider-Man picture at the very end with Dylan holding himself up in the doorway with just his feet makes the face painting extra-specially cool. Go Spidey! :)

betsey said...

I like the fact that Dylan is wearing his necklace from his cave man costume like it is normal. Although at the rattlesnake festival, I'm sure he fit right in :)

Your boys just crack me up, they are SO BOYS! But also SO SWEET!

Silly Gille's said...

Love all the pictures. Looks like a great day out with daddy! That huge alligator snapper is nuts! My dad had one for like 4 years. It got pretty big but never that big....he got rid of it before it got to big. If you can imagine the thing got a little hard to handle......

I remember climbing the hall/doorway! Haha so funny. Can't wait to see all the boys over christmas and of course you and tiff as well =)