Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fall Festival- Oct 29th (posted by Steven)

Tiffany had some photo shoots Saturday afternoon, so they boys (minus Baby Tyler) took a trip to a Fall Festival at a farm in Oldsmar.  We went to the same festival last year, but I forgot a camera.  So this year, I made sure I had one.  Last year, Isaac didn't want hold the snake or ride the horses, but this year, he was brave enough for both. 

Some rides:

They got to feed goats, sheep, little pigs, a minature donkey, and llamas:

Roasting marshmallows:

Snakes- Fear Factor Event 1:

Ponys- Fear Factor Event 2:
Dylan got to go on the horses twice, because Isaac didn't want to go the first time

What's that on Big Bird's neck?
Did Elmo swallow Dylan?
Why did they paint a trash can into the background?


Kathryn said...

GREAT post. I think the water-barrels-turned-kiddie-ride photo is the funniest, but the photo right after it is pretty dang good with the llama(?) doing his darnedest to steal Dylan's food when he's not looking. :P

And I can't believe both boys were willing to pose with a big snake on their shoulders! Did Isaac think it was cool? Or was he just doing it to prove something? I don't think I'd do it for either reason!

Alicia said...

Way fun! Where was this place? We've visited one up here but they didn't have snakes :) I love to see dads do posts!

Kathryn said...

And Steven, perfect commentary on the odd Sesame Street sign!

betsey said...

What a great dad taking his boys on adventures! Love these! I can't believe the boys put the snakes on their shoulders! What brave guys!