Thursday, October 2, 2014

Dear Julia, You are 5 months old!

Dear Julia,
 You are 5 months old. You went on your first airplane last weekend. It was also your first girls trip. I was not worried about your behavior because you were such a calm baby who was content in my lap. Well on the way back, you started getting more curious and grabby and wiggly. Out of nowhere! You were still happy though.
You had a bad diaper rash. Your first, a couple of weeks ago. So I bought you Huggies instead of the Wal-mart brand. And The Honest Company ones. I think Lotramin took care of it. 

Caugh laugh
Prefer tummy
Scoot, grab, roll with purpose
Still sleep in bassinet
Sharp pinching nails
Grab faces, your own when tired
Burry head down and push booty out from me when fussy tired
Go to anybody
Smile when given attention
Found your feet (some)
Favorate sense is taste
Quiet cry
Criy when tired
Quiet shreaky talk with panting laughs
Do not mind car seat
Like a pacifier
Cry with Daddy

You ate cute and sweet. You still only nurse. I gave you cereal once. 

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