Sunday, October 26, 2014

Savage Race 2014

Stacy was upset that we did not invite her to run the Savage Race in 2012 because it was near her 40th birthday that we had not celebrated. So we said we would do it again with her. I was pregnant the last year and could not think of a good excuse this year. So we took turns shooting down each others' costume ideas until we agreed upon onesie zip up pajamas. Our team name became "Fifty Shades of Brown."
I seriously considered staying home with my baby but knew I would have fun if I embraced it.
We zipped up our PJs and dropped off the kids and were on our way. 6.3 miles and lots of obstacles. 
We were nervous on the way. 
Steven ordered ours online. The Crews' did not come in in time so they got some from Target. Dave and Stacey scored $10 oned at Wal-mart. Kmart had Andre's tight ones. Barbie stayed home with Clara. 
I cheated twice. I jumped into the ice then climbed out the side instead of going under. I took photos so that is my excuse. I also went under limbo-style for going under through the muddy water. So my face stayed clean-ha! 
We had not trained, so we stretched. 
Well Steven, Andre, and Darren have been playing basketball and volleyball. 

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