Thursday, October 9, 2014

All fours

After work on Tuesday, we noticed that Julia got up on all fours like she has been doing for a while. But this time her belly was up. She has been mobile for a while. She still pivots and moves backwards. She is not rocking yet. I took her clothes off to show that her belly is up off of the ground. And her baby leg warmers just came in the mail today. And these are Honest Company diapers. When she had a bad diaper rash, I bought some. 
Today was a long day. All of my work days are. I miss seeing my babies. Tyler did not get a nap then transfered from one car seat to another but not into my mom's house. He asked repeatedly through tears if we could leave. Then he stayed up late. I ran out of frozen milk, my car charger for my pump does not work and although I bought batteries for the battery back up, I did not remember the battery pack thingy. Julia did not want formula. Then I was full so she spit up. But my kids had fun with friends and cousins. I got to see my brother's family and I have the weekend off. 

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