Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My Meet The Mormons Review

So, here's my review on Meet the Mormons.
It's a documentary. My 6 year old whispered "when is the movie going to start?" about 15 minutes into it. It did hold all of my kids' attention though. Well the baby slept. It's not a thriller, and is not controversial. It just shows that our faith guides us in our normal decisions. So it's true. My faith for sure guides my decisions as a mom, as a friend, in my career(s), etc.

Our church is trying to say we're normal people I think. The intro shows how we're made fun of in various shows/movies so that's funny, and it sort of mentions that this movie will dispel some misconceptions. But it doesn't go into that at all, in my opinion. It just follows inspirational good people. I held back tears when it was showing the story about the mom who was in the process of shipping her son off on a mission. That story hit home since I have a brother in the Philippines serving happily too.

Here's a review site showing that it did well at the box office even though it was only showing in a couple of select theaters. (And that the numbers went down on Sunday, showing that mostly members went to see it.) But that's okay b/c most people will watch it on NetFlix later, both members of the church and not. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/meet-mormons-proves-box-office-740471 I read some reviews and critics were annoyed that the movie seemed to imply that moviegoers were ignorant to the fact that we come in all shapes and sizes and colors. It said it's not worth it to pay for a movie ticket price for an infomercial. I can see that. But I think the title is not misleading. It is really letting the audience meet some Mormons. That's it! It's sweet and a really good sampling.

But, if it leaves something to be desired, here's a newly released (I think) part of our church website which explains gospel topics. It's good reading for myself too. You know, how repetition is a good teacher or whatever? https://www.lds.org/topics Simple. So, you can look up our beliefs on a wide variety of topics, even the controversial ones like plural marriages. (Completely NOT a part of our church any more BTW.) So there you have it. If you have the money or the time to be uplifted, then go see it. If you are curious about anything in the church, I'll go again with you, or you can ask me, or you can go to that lds.org/topics website, or you can download the scriptures for free as an app on your phone (or read for free online of course) or you can come to church with me. Or to our fall festival the Friday before Halloween with your kids :)

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Marcie said...

She is so precious! I feel so sad that this year has been so hard and we haven't seen her. I can't even tell you how happy it makes me to see her in Ella's things. I don't know why... it's silly really... but it just made my day :) She is so beautiful!