Sunday, March 1, 2015

Dear Julia, You're 10 months old.

You can climb off of things by swiveling around to let your feet go down first. You knew the concept a month ago and are finally good at it. I no longer spot your descent off of the blue couches or my bed.
"Up" is your only word. You rarely say it. You may have signed "more" today. 
You go to bed awake and like to fall asleep now. 
You learned how to clap just under a month ago. 
You grin and like to crawl away or up and away when being chased. You sorr of ask to be chased. 
Your last frozen milk spilled. Then I tried to pump and got drips. You had not been eating much because you were a little sick and I had not been pumping on Thursday mornings because Doe's house is too close then it is time consuming rinsing the bottles at work. And I have been working through lunch at work too so have not been pumping there. Then I got my period and was sad that you are growing up and I had failed at pumping through the first year. You are nursing at night still and I may try to get the supply up again.

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