Monday, February 23, 2015

Dylan's school birthday on Don's birthday

I took Tyler to Karlie's house for his second day of preschool. It was Letter B day. He was a little apprehensive but was also excited. 
He took an apple. We were tardy because I thought I had to be completely ready for the day. So there is no photo of it. 
Julia and I went to Publix to get a cookie cake and a couple of things.
Then we rushed to Chick-fil-A. I called ahead to order lunch since I was in a hurry. But they were still serving breakfast. Oops! I called the school to see when lunch was and I was like an hour off. So... Julia and I hung out until lunch food time
and got to school in time to unload and sign in. 
We took food to Isaac too. 
His lunch overlaps with his cousin Raphael's lunch. 
Dylan's turn! 
His friends Erden and Michael. 
I took lunch to the teachers too. Here is Ms. Demming. 
Both 3rd grade classes got some cookie cake but the girls liked the baby best. 
Because I was off on lunch time, Don picked Tyler up from preschool like he had the first week. They came to the school! It was Don's real birthday so we gave him one of his presents. I had gotten him a smoothie since he had a dental appointment in the morning. 
We re-visited the boys. Surprise! 
We went to his house then to Burlington Coat Factory to get him a new jacket for his birthday. 

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Don B said...

I had a really Great day for OUR birthdays...Grandpa