Saturday, March 7, 2015


Our church's most recent hashtag campain is #whereIAm. I posted a photo and my friend said I should hashtag it. Here it is.
 #WhereIAm right now is with this baby girl, playing dress up, making daisy chains, listening to her repeat first word, "up." I get to kiss her soft cheeks and let her grip my fingernails and flick them (or my shoes) while her big brothers, dad, and grandpa play sports at the park, we stay to the side and play a little with the camera, go for a jog which is my only possible exercise, and love the blue skies. I love that it was such a pretty day last Monday, the day off of school and work. My mind could focus on my family be clear. When I'm inside, my baby is still attached to me, but I can not appreciate her as much because I am either at work a couple of days or am stressing about the photos I need to get out to the girls at church, the piano teacher and the missionaries. I write to do lists to include the blog posts I should be creating, the dishes I should be washing, the charities with which I'm trying to partner for church and/or work and the rooms I should be de-cluttering. Tyler is my other baby, my "baby boy" as he proudly personifies. We listen to scriptures played at 2x speed or to Pentatonix's "Mary Did You Know [that your baby boy...]" on youTube. Tyler brings me back to this outside place where the sky is blue and my babies are my world. This is Where I am right now in my good life.

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Don B said...

And I had a wonderful day with a wonderful family.
Thank you for inviting me...Grandpa