Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Spring break part 1 of Monday

Lotsa pics so here is a start.
Julia cut her 7th tooth yesterday, Palm Frawn Sunday. Letter Q. 

Today the crews came over. They started on their ipads. All 4 kids.
 Ivy and Tyler played upstairs in my bed with all of the things Ivy brought. It was quiet. I could plan the day.
I had the kids turn off theit ipads, listen to my plan, let them know I was a little disgusted with how long they had been at it, told them that Julia just fell asleep and if she awoke before I could clean, set up, and do our lesson, we would not go in the pool. 
Since they had burned only 5 calories to that point, they were wrestles and not quiet. I sent them outside. 
Julia stayed asleep so we continued. They played then we sat down to have a lesson. We started with enacting Jesus' triumphal entry. I make the poor kids sit and listen. Then they get to act and hold photos and stuff. They put up with a lot, but I think having them listen to me and understand my priorities is good for them. The more I plan, the better life will be. 
They liked acting out the triumphal entry with clothes and palm branches under their donkeys :) 

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