Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Is this labor?!

Dear Diary,
8:42pm I have an app for timing my contractions and it said that I have had 17 in the last hour. That's exciting! They have been happening all evening. Not hard ones at all, they don't slow me down, but it's fun to track them. My dad made a tracker computer program for my mom when she was going into labor with me. She clicked a keyboard button when one started and when one stopped. I think it calculated the frequency and duration etc.
This morning, at about 10am, my OB practice checked me to say that I was not dilated at all and that the baby girl was still high. She told me that the baby was not 8lbs yet, probably more like 7lbs or something, I always like hearing that I'll have a smaller baby. Tyler was smaller and the recovery time is much shorter. She said that maybe she would see me tonight, but that I probably would not go past 41 weeks, who knows. Then she told me of a recent patient who waited at home with her 2nd child and didn't really want to go into the hospital yet for fear of being sent home (like what happened to me with Isaac) but then went in b/c the doc said to and she had the baby in the hall on the way to the room, on a stretcher! So basically I was given orders to not dawdle if I'm in question of if I'm in active labor or not. I'm still planning on laboring at home as long as possible then going in at the last second for them to catch the baby w/ no epidural. But, if the pain is too much and I'm not dilated much, I DO want the epidural.
Here's the concern of the moment, my parents just left for Orlando for the weekend. They are checking into their hotel tonight and are staying 2 days. They are taking 2 cars so my mom can rush back if I go into labor b/c you know that labor takes forever usually. They went to Utah last weekend for Bryson's wedding. They are always busy and sure like to cut it close!
My bags are packed. my contractions are now an average of 28 seconds long each and happen about every 3+ minutes. They're getting stronger. Steven and I showered. My mom is on her way back from Orlando. Corrie and Barbie are on standby and my sweetest most thoughtful neighbor is coming over to stay with Dylan and Isaac. We're taking Tyler to Darren. I'm going to go dry my hair now. I don't think the hospital will send me back home.

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