Thursday, April 24, 2014


The doctor asked me if I have had any contractions yet. A week and a day ago I said no.
Then yesterday, since I go weekly, I told the other doctor no again. I actually had two small cramps at 5:30am two days before. Right when I turned 38 weeks pregnant. 
This morning I have had more cramps finally! At 5:30 again until 7:30. Not bad ones, but I am finally showing signs of practicing for the real deal! 
Yesterday, I was nesting between my OB and chiropractor appointments. I got the baby room all set, vacuumed upstairs, rearranged my closet, hung the boys' pirate flag, threw junk away and have more giveaway piles.
Here're the before and after curtain photos of the boys' room. I had the blue eyelet curtains that Kat and my grandma Rebeck had made up on one window and a pirate flag hung with bobby pins on the other. I did black out backing on these curtains and followed a tutorial. The fabric was expensive but exactly the right amount from I'm proud of myself. Now maybe I'll sew a baby blessing dress. We'll see...

And for the baby's room, I hung 3 angels from my Grandma Gille. They're a little scary and Steven's not sure about them. We'll see. And I hung hair bows up on the coconut tree. And that's the thrift store dresser we purchased.

Don kept Tyler for the day so I would not be ignoring him. Tyler gave me the report of everything they did. It is great having a little talker who thinks clearly like that. Don said Tyler repeats himself like crazy so gave Don patience practice. It is true. He asks the same question or reports the same observation over and over even with acknowledgement. I have to redirect his thoughts to something else he is interested in or he continues.
I wish I had a video camera. My phone videos seem too long and I would rather them strung together on a DVD.  

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