Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tyler and the baby

Ivy started preschool. Lucky girl! But we miss her. Now Tyler needs me to entertain him more. He loves the baby in my tummy. He wakes up and talks to her before acknowledging me or anyone else. He loves Clara too. He wants to help feed, burp, and play with her. Sometimes he does not want help.
We put the pink sheet on the bed. Now we are ready for the baby! 
Tyler was climbing all over me on Monday. 
Then at Tae Kwon Do that evening, Tyler lifted my shirt for more kisses and conversation. He embarassed me and got lots of giggles from the parents around us. Master Lee thought it was SO funny. 
My main pregnancy symptom is that I am hot. At work, I wear a lab jacket, pants, gloves, and a mask. I turn down the air and still occasionally have to take a break or pull my mask out to get fresher air. At home, I love the bottom half of Steven's ice water, especially the broken ice pieces. Sometimes my legs are restless and I give myself charlie horses and stretch my calf muscles alternatingly. That is when I rest on the couch and often fall asleep for the night. 
I bought a crochet newborn sombrero and some maracas for the hospital. I think I may have her on my due date. And if not, a siesta picture will be so cute anyway. I want to use a ruana as the blanket under her for that pic. My hospital bag is only packed with blankets, hats, and bows right now! 

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