Saturday, January 4, 2014


This is a nice start to a new year - nothing on the calendar! 

We woke up slowly and the boys burned fallen branches in the fire pit while I started putting Christmas away. Then we all helped nakedify/de-ornament the tree. 

Steven started wrapping himself in the lights until he got noticed/attention. Then he did it to Dylan per request. 
My mom called to tell me she and my step-sister Julie etc. were going to eat lunch at the Tampa Salad Company, visit with Rob the owner, then go to the Glazer Children's Museum. I did not know if we would join them. We decided to eat a cheap lunch of sandwiches at home while the boys played outside. We put more nativities in boxes then flipped a coin to decide if we should go to the museum or not. Best out of one! Well, the coin kept ending up on the floor so it still took 3 flips. We obeyed the coin's ruling and buckled up in Steven's car. We get a discount with our armed forces membership. Steven had never been. He had fun too! 
We could have stayed in the water area the whole time!

The next room was a dinosaur expedition. Isaac was excited to use the safety goggles and explorer vest.
Upstairs, some kids climbed in the leaves. Isaac was way too scared. He opted for the rock wall instead. Steven bribed Isaac with the promise of a Sprite if he would go up in the net area. Isaac really wanted a Sprite but not that badly. I convinced him to get a closer look at its safety and solidness. In fact, I climbed in. He put his hands in, then eventually got on all fours inside. But he was not comfortable at all. Steven judged his attempt not good enough. Sad.
 Legos and paper airplanes were next. Things we do at home.
Then Tyler woke up. That's right-- he missed the fun again.
But wait, there's more! 
He got out of the stroller at the little Publix where we sorted food with my parents. I saw two families I know. Dental patients then photo clients. Such good families, both of them. 
We stayed in the next area until we left. We practiced colors then played on the kaleidoscopes. 
I wish my kids had played with their cousins more, but I was happy they were participating and being happy.
Until it was time to go and we started threading the pool hoses back together, undoing Tyler's own unthreadding. 
Steven gave Isaac another chance to win a Sprite. Isaac did it! He took the shortest route, but eventually did it over and over again with a smile!
We left.
Then, to get the boys' Sprites, we ate at the California Pizza Kitchen. Tyler, once nestled into his high chair, was noticeably so good! The older lady who was staring at him told us so. He ate 3 slices of pizza. And not just cheeze, the works! Peppers, mushrooms, onions and all! Then we did homework and went to bed. Well, I filled the Christmas boxes and edited photos.
A good Saturday. :)

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Aunt Kat said...

Wow, that looks like fun! The Tilbys will have to go sometime when Sadie's old enough to play. And I'm so glad Isaac earned a Sprite in the end! :)