Sunday, January 5, 2014

Should I call an ambulance?

Tyler ran to notify me that "Somebody is lying in the grass! Come!" 
His urgency got me out of the computer chair. He wanted me to open the front door. I was almost too scared, assuming a homeless person would be passed out in someone's lawn. But instead of to a window, Tyler lead me immediately to the front door. We opened it to see nobody. It was a regular warm Monday evening. What was he seeing?
His urgency got stronger. He pointed out to me a blowup lawn snowman across the street. It had toppled backwards. Sheesh. We uprighted him. All is well on our street now. Tyler could not stop talking about it. He is a talker! 
We took the neighbors a plate of cookies. They didn't answer though. :(

We often go barefooted to admire the new neighbors' lights. 
Tyler's favorite
He loves the snowmen accross the street. 
This calms his unreasonable terrible twoness. 

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Kathryn said...

Oh wow. Just reading the beginning of your post got me worried! I thought maybe the asthma person across the street had passed out. Scary! And are there homeless men in your neighborhood much? Man, you're brave to open the door. And I'm glad you recorded this story because (1) it ended up being funny, (2) it illustrates what Tyler is interested in at this stage, and (3) it shows Tyler's speaking abilities. I'm really glad it was an inflatable snowman that was lying in the grass though!