Friday, January 17, 2014

Flea Market Finds

Last sunny Saturday, we spontaneously popped into the flea market. My brother and Katy took Dylan and Isaac after their photo shoot over Christmas break. I have only been one other time in my life even though it is practically in my neighborhood. We bought a hand sweeper thingy. My parents bought a red and a beige one at the fair when I was a kid. And maybe a black one too. Same thing. It's a handheld thing like the sweepers we use in the church nursery. It was $5. There were children's books for cheap - too bad I was not in the market. We priced out pet birds, hopefully without the intent to ever buy them. We saw a fantastic mullet hair cut. Then spotted some gems. Litterally, there were crystals and gems and fossils and rocks. Corrie's kids (and therefore our kids) are into buried treasures like precious rocks. We paid for the kids to sift through and discover fool's gold, amber, emeralds, garnet, fluorite, amethyst, citrite, quartz, etc.
We will go back with the Crew kids for Dylan's and Isaac's birthdays. 
We bought some mangos, yummy other fruit, and our first pound of Jack Fruit. Oh. My. Goodness. It is delicious! 
Ugly but yummy. 

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