Thursday, June 13, 2013

Wednesday evening

We ate at Cracker Barrel.
The kids wanted everything in the store, naturally. Tyler had to put his sock monkeys away twice: before and after dinner. He ran away smiling trying to hide, but ultimately gave kisses and re-shelved them himself. 

We swam in the pool, scaring away other patrons.

We hung out after baths, then put the boys to bed. 

I finished getting readyfor  the trip- highlighting my hair and painting my nails. You know, things I can not do when I have a computer to distract me. The problem: i bought stuff that processes slowly. I did not want to turn on a loud hair drier. So i may retouch later. I am tired. 
I am also simultaneously listening to the Book Of Mormon. I will finish tonight maybe!! 
Steven said I could sleep in tomorrow/today:)

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