Sunday, June 2, 2013

Cleaning our neighborhood median/island

Growing up, we celebrated Jesus' birthday every year. Sometimes we'd even have a cake and light candles and sing Happy Birthday. But even if we did not do that, we always did a family service project. Our family was big - with anywhere from 5-9+ kids, so sometimes we could fit in a soup kitchen, but sometimes we did not. Or we were too busy to coordinate joining up with another group. Now my kids are too young to join another group. And I'm not that organized so we didn't really plan anything this year. Oh, I forgot to mention, that we of course celebrate at Christmas time, but we believe that his actual birthday was on April 6th. 

Anyway, before that was Easter, and we were getting our house and yard in order but the entrance to our neighborhood was getting pretty bad. One palm tree died and others were dropping their frawns. There was trash so nobody could mow it. So, in getting ready for the high holiday (I don't really call it that but it sounds good here), I took my little guys, some trash bags and rubber gloves and we jogged to the end of our street to do something about it. 

 We found a cool bamboo stick there. We were quite the sight walking back I'm sure.
 Tyler: "How embarrassing."
 I have the brilliant idea of writing a letter and hand delivering it to people in our neighborhood who take care of their lawns. The letter will mention how I have an idea and since I noticed that they have a beautiful lawn, I would like their help in beautifying the entrance to our neighborhood. I would say that I'm taking nominations for lawn companies or for individuals who would like to place a bid on cleaning the island. I would also be taking nominations on people who would like to be involved in the voting process. I do not want it to be called a board since that sounds like a lot of commitment. I would also be asking for donations in the amt of a one time donation or a monthly donation etc.
Then we'd give all of that money to the lowest bidder/lawn company or the one who has the best idea of what to do with it since it could be beautiful.
BUT I know that's a lot of busywork and headache for me. And a lot of people like being able to park their RV right up on their lawn or being able to keep junk in their front yards and do not want some HOA fees.
So every once in a while we'll go and clean that island, luckily other good Samaritains mow it when the trash is gone. We have mowed and edged it before. But burning the palm franwns was a big step in the right direction.
And it's fun!

 We made S'mores of course.

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Vicki B said...

Yea - the tradition continues!