Wednesday, June 12, 2013


"Now THIS is what I call a v'cation!'
-Dylan, 1-1/2 hours into our drive
I started packing at 11pm. Steven was in list-making mode. He had already put air in the tires, checked the oil, taken the boys grocery shopping, and gotten through half of the laundry. 

I blogged my baby boy because i had to. I emailed some clients and finished a gallery before showering and going to bed. We were at the Crew's house 5 hours later. Hooray! 
The boys are so good. They started with their "homework" workbooks and journal. They snacked and we started with the new crafts. Isaac all but finished his circus elephant sewing card. Dylan lost interest after a couple of stitches. 
He swiched to coloring a Melissa and Doug board book  with a water pen that Tyler got to open. 
Then he opened a loom and practiced weaving loops. 

Tyler asked for some "bands" and shot me with them!! He remembered from a couple of months ago when we were doing it with real rubber bands:)

"It is good i already had a nap at Corrie's!"
- Isaac, when told we were half way to the Gator boys. 

We just stopped at McDonalds as a preventative measure for food and bathrooms before Alligator Alley.

We put a short movie on and now the boys are Tag Reading while Tyler sleeps. Next I think we will brainstorm our Christmas card.
When Tyler woke up, I gave him a water pen and an awesome Mellisa and Doug book that he can color then re-color when it dries again. The rest of the kids loved these books too! 

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See you guys tomorrow... in Key West!

Andre & Barbie