Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Break 2012!!!!!!

I think the whole world should get a spring break. 
But then again I'm glad I'm no longer in school.  
And BYU doesn't even have a spring break. 
Anyway, I had to make a SPRING BREAK DAY for myself and my boys. 
I didn't exactly plan it that way. 
Dylan needed his 6 year check up;
Isaac needed his 4 year check up;
and Tyler needed his 6 month check up-
they were all due in February. 
I like their pediatrician, but the only day I can take my boys w/o other kids is the day that she takes the afternoon off.  So I made an early appointment with the plan to take Dylan to school afterwards.  
Then I had a better idea - SPRING BREAK DAY!
 We still got up way too early for no school or work.  We went to the doctor's office.  All 3 cried at various times, Tyler cried the least amount.  Then we were off to the beach!!!!!!  We went all the way down to Pass-A-Grille Beach because there's parking right next to a pay station which is right by the cement patio area which is right by the water.  I leave our rolling cooler and stroller up on that sea wall and we don't even need an umbrella with the shade of the palm trees in its planter.  It's so convenient.  I don't think there were any spring breakers there, but there were lots of locals getting their morning coffee and breakfast at the concession stand there.
 Dylan's friend Dawson met us there first.  He is moving away soon so we're sad, but happy for them. I feel like I didn't really get to know his mom and could have been good friends if our kindergartners could have stayed in the same class.  Devon is brave and a good example to me. I can tell that she lives a Christ-centered life. Do you know how you'd like to be able to pick your kids' friends for them? Well we picked one another's kids. They'll have to be pencil pals now:)
 We stayed in the shade for a while,
 but the water was so tempting even though it was pretty cool.
 It looks like this pelican is cleaning something out of Dylan's ear.
 And this looks like Isaac popped up right from his little rear end:)
  I could watch them all day - I love Spring Break.

 I kept Tyler off of the sand for a while.
 He met a little friend!  Isn't she the CUTEST in her swimsuit with her matching bow and long eye lashes?! She's a little older than Tyler. I met her mom, Diana, recently and we became friends on Facebook because she had on a headband I loved by Sew Swanky. We started talking, then I saw her cute kids on Facebook and we agreed that we needed to get them together. I'm so glad we got to already!
 We saw dolphins!  A couple of times.  This set swam right by some people and it startled the girl b/c they could have reached out and touched them - they were like a foot or two away.  This is my friend Dori in her stylish hat, swimsuit and skirt.  She has it all together.  It's good to have friends who I'd like to grow up and be like some day:)
 Here are our kiddos.  They finally all played together.
 Dawson and Dylan.  Dylan said the best thing about his first day of this kindergarten was meeting this friend.  (Of course it was the day that Tyler was born, so that's the other best thing.)  So funny.
 Speaking of his baby brother, I let him sit on the sand.  I didn't fight the inevitable.
 He's been trying new foods lately, so why not some salty sand too?!
 If only he liked pacifiers, I could prevent a little sand.  I piled the toys in front of him as distractions, but he would just dip them in the sand.
 Nap time!
 He was still sleeping, so we dropped the cooler off at the car and walked down 8th Ave to shop and went on to the boardwalk on the other side of Pass-A-Grille.
 Isaac always picks his outfits.  I love them.

 Even after our walk, Tyler transferred to his car seat well.
Then I got to take a nap at home too.  Those were the only two things on my list for the day - the beach and a nap.  Bonus: Steven grilled chicken and sweet potatoes and I went for a 2.5 mile jog. The day would have ended beautifully, but do you know that the Ice Cream Man's truck is as slow as my jogging pace?  It almost ruined my perfect day because on my home stretch, he turned behind me with his annoying loud tunes.  It is creapy too b/c it was almost dark. He was staying right in my blind spot area. I had to stop to stretch to let him pass. When he did, I remembered my perfect spring break day. I walked in and had my little ducks follow me outside to the pool. I sliced our tree's oranges by the pool and we ate them 'til it was dark.  Happy Spring Break!

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Kathryn said...

What a good idea! You need a spring break too! And the eating sand picture is the perfect cover shot for this post. Funny baby. Is that you on a towel reflected in his eyes? Must have been really bright sun!

I like Isaac's cool-kid choice of outfits. His personality goes well with his messy hair and his reflective sunglasses and his turned up collar on his unbuttoned hawaiian shirt. That picture's gonna need to be in his wedding video someday. :P

Cute picture of Dylan with his friend. Why does he look so skinny though?

On the pictures of the boys running and jumping, you're exactly right on the commentary on the one with Isaac's feet out of the water. In the last one of those photos though Dylan looks like he's running from a monster or something. Was he just yelling like a monster himself? Or was he bugged/scared about something?