Friday, March 23, 2012

"I need a napkin" (Happy St. Patrick's Day)

I was in the kitchen. 
Isaac called to me, "I need a napkin." 
Had I just taken a sip of water, it would have spewed out of my mouth all over the kitchen.  
But I just laughed instead.  
 The day before St. Patrick's Day, we started out eating green foods like smoothies and I mushed some avocado for Tyler too.

It actually was only as good as it looks - as in it probably doesn't look that delicious if you're not used to seeing a green smoothie.  I used frozen chopped spinach, which is yucky in smoothies.  I usually use water, a whole bag of baby spinach, then some lime juice and honey (I've used pure maple syrup before) and fill the blender up the rest of the way with frozen fruit.  (Berries are the best frozen fruit, but we just had a bag of mixed fruit.) I put half of an avocado in it the other day and was planning on putting it in this one but forgot.  I'm glad I didn't waste it.  The avocado makes it a little smooth, sorta like a banana would, but I dislike bananas.  It's usually delicious, this one wasn't that good.  That's probably why I just laughed when Isaac wasted his.
 That evening, I ran in the City of Largo's Shamrock'n Run 5k.  This little girl's mom invited me.  I saw 2 families before we started who said to their girls, "that's Tiffany, remember her? She took your pictures."  So cute.  I saw them at the Say No To Drugs run too.
 Here we are - the church group of friends, cool shirts, huh.
 We're running - the 10min/mile two.  Rachael went ahead of us and won her age group.  The funny thing, is that she won a beer mug similar to the one pictured above containing my green smoothie.
 Here's Jeffra's husband and baby cheering us on.
 Another church friend, husband, and baby raced up and ahead of us even though they got there a little late.
 And another family passed me.  These girls' mom also echoed, "Remember Tiffany?  She took your pictures."
 Here are the dads and kids again on our 2nd lap.
 Two of my work friends came and met up at the end of the race and ran in even though they got off of work late.  I have such good friends from church, work, my business, and past jobs.
 The Sonny's and pizza was free afterwards, my sandwich was bigger than Savannah's little head!
 I should probably start another post, but I probably won't get around to it, so here is where the actual St. Patrick's Saturday Day started.
 We had the first day of Soccer.  Not everybody gets into holidays like I do.  I pinched my little nephews' cheekies - so cute.
 Steven and I took turns with this chunky sleepy cutie.  We had to separate because our kids are on different teams.  What're we going to do when Tyler starts a sport too?!
 Noah and Isaac are going to be on the same team.  Raphael might be with them or may be with Dylan, Malia, and Olivia.

We joined this soccer league b/c of Dylan's Kindergarten friend, Dawson. 
He's moving away though, so he won't be on Dylan's team. 
He came to see Dylan anyway! 
 We came home and the kids cleaned the play room while I took a nap with Tyler.  (Bliss.)
Then we went out front to look for a 4 leaf clover. This was as close as I came.

 Then we decided to go to the beach!
 Isaac donned his mask, then was quite dissapointed that we stopped for dinner.
 We ate at Ted Peter's famous smoked fish place and ordered smoked fish spread and Steven got a whole smoked fish!

 We made it to the beach with lots of green still!

 I love this picture Steven took.  Notice my green nails with the pot of gold ring fingers? And the birds, and my boys, and the BEACH, and the sunset lighting. And the relaxed happy day, and Tyler's big belly? I'm loving it. It's my facebook profile photo now.
 I like this one because Steven is in it too, but I like the above one better.
 Then the boys went to the bathroom.  I took the pictures of the sunset and of my baby up high on my feet.

 Then we went to get snowballs.  I got "The 4 Leaf Clover" flavor. It was deliciously green. Yum.
I don't edit photos on this blog, but here's one I did edit a bit for fun, my little 6 month old leprechaun.


Silly Gille's said...

what a fun st patricks day! i was lame and didnt do anything....we did take charlie into the vet because his eye was not doing so good. much better now...i didnt even wear green.....good thing all 3 of us have green eyes!

fun post. love your fam. wish we lived closer!

ps. tyler is rockin the milk gut!

Kathryn said...

I love the first photo of Tyler's avocado meal. I didn't know Isaac was in soccer now, and I didn't now Dylan was doing that AND tae kwon do. What a busy life! So do all the teams practice at the same time and place? I like that you got a picture of Noah jumping with his hair flopping...and it looks like there's no reason for him to be jumping. Funny. :)

Awesome that it was so bright and sunny for your beach day! But it looks like Steven wasn't wearing green. Did you pinch him lots?

I'm glad you looked for 4-leaf clovers. And I like the picture of Tyler's fat little hands gingerly touching the grass. The creases at the bases of his fingers are so deep!

I'm impressed with how many people you knew in the Shamrock'n 5K. Was it right in the middle of the ward boundaries? Or did they promote it at church? Or are you just really really popular? :)

And Isaac's smoothie mess looks like Nickelodeon slime or something. Gross! And funny that he thought a napkin oughta cut it. :)