Friday, March 2, 2012

Dear Dylan, You're 6 years old!

Dear Dylan,
You're 6 years old now!
I feel like Kindergarten is a little coming of age time for you.  You try things out, like smushing food in your mouth at dinner time.  That's so not you.  I now go to your school on Wednesdays to have lunch with you and your class and it's eye-opening because I see where you get some of your mannerisms and things you try out on us.  That lunch room is so loud!
You like superheros still, but like to physically play (as in you are one of the superheros) or draw them more than play with action figures.  You still do like the toys though of course.  You make awesome gestures and sound effects!
You sleep on your back on a pillow, sometimes you turn to your side, but you keep your covers on and still like your green blanket.  I think it might be because you like consistency and know that you used to like your blanket so therefore you still do.
You still wear your Spiderman costume, but often because Isaac has his Captain America one on, so you decide to play too.  You like your white-stripped black superhero shorts.

This was your pose, up on a tree, looking back.  I like that you put up with me and my picture-taking ways.
You took this picture of us going in to visit Granddad when he was in the hospital.  (Don't worry, he was just there as a preventative measure so he could try out some new cool medication.)
You drew him a picture to brighten his stay.
You drew this picture a month or so ago, you no longer use as much color.  You like to use a pen, or sometimes a pencil to get more detail and background setting.  You draw in the air when you're planning something to draw.  It's like how I used to visualize a snowflake and couldn't wait to get scissors and fold the paper to make it come to life!
Isaac is often sleeping when I take pictures of things.
When he's sleeping, we stay outside of your Tae Kwon Do class since it can get loud in there!  You like it a lot and went through white, yellow, orange, and now are on the green belt and have sparing gear!  You won your first sparring match.

You are addicted to coloring.  You're a good big brother.  You tattle on your brother.
You got a crown and celebrated your 100th day of school.
"This is what I look like when I am 101 years old! I have white hair."  I like how tan you are, especially compared to the other kids in your class :)
 Now for the story of your birthday.
You woke up to presents and sprinkle donuts that Daddy went and got for us.  You opened your Spiderman web shooter.  Not as big of a hit as it was 2 weeks prior when Corrie got one for Isaac.
 Corrie won again with getting your colored pencils, superhero action figures, and...
 The crews were on speakerphone walking Malia into school when you opened it.
You love it, and color/draw in it every day.
 Birthday break.  You caught this lizzard, then Isaac did.
We went to take lunch to you at school.  You requested McDonalds because Isaac had that.  
Your school had Rita's Italian Ice that day too!  
 Here's your cupcake cake!
 You were really excited to pass them out to all of your friends.
 Your teacher is the best.  You didn't want a cupcake though.  I think you were just excited to give out cupcakes because you know that is a crowd pleaser.  The other kids were so excited for them.
 Tyler slept through the festivities.
 Brandon was so excited for lunch time!
 You got to be the line leader.
 So cute.
This was your Birthday Eve after our Valentine's Dance.  I'm not sure if Isaac fell on your bed or decided to sleep there, either way it's picture worthy.  You sleep next to that railing on your bed, usually on your back, usually holding/touching your green blanket.  Isaac usually sleeps with his pants lets scrunched up, on his tummy, on his blankets, with his puppy pillow pet. 

Oops, here's your breakfast donut.  Isaac is "dressed" for the day since he put shorts on.  He likes to keep his PJ shirt on before he gets into his Captain America costume.  
Your church friend, Matthew Roberts, shares your birthday, a year ahead of you.  
He invited us to go jump at Airheads.
 It's awesome! I used to dream about a place like this, a land of trampolines.

Matthew's mom made him colorful yummy cupcakes for after the pizza. 
 She even insisted that we sing again for Dylan, so fun to have a party w/o planning one!

Matthew and your church class (with siblings).
 And Tyler slept through it.

 Matthew even brought a gift for you.
 Grandma and Granddad came over from church to bring you a really cool play dough factory/set.

 You still didn't have one of your cupcakes.  You requested a Publix apple strudel because you tasted it in your church Primary class and really liked it.  We special ordered it for you for your family "cake" time.

I think you had quite the fun birthday, especially since it was a year where we didn't have a party for you.
Happy Birthday, I love you!!
Love, Mommy


Kathryn said...

So many fun pictures, I don't know where to start! Dylan looks like he had the best birthday of his life, what with all the parties and activities and presents and smiles as big as his mouth can make 'em. :) I love the action skeeball shot because of his perfect form ... and the expression of determination and worry on his sweaty tan little face. And I love that he got to go to a playplace made of trampolines! Seriously, if the walls are made of pillows that place is straight out of our dreams from our childhoods. I also love that you take random pictures of Tyler sleeping through things. :P I love that Isaac's wearing the Big Brother shirt now and Tyler's the Little Brother. I also like that your descriptions of your boys at different ages almost always include descriptions of where, in what, and how they sleep. Things only a good mom would notice.

I think it's awesome that Dylan colored his 101-year-old portrait with dark skin. He'll be tan even when he's ancient! And I love that your kids are big enough to take pictures of you once in a while so you show up in these posts too. And the fact that Dylan chooses some of his own poses and stages them just the way he wants ... well, that just makes me smile. He's the kid of a photographer for sure! And he's a handsome one! I think his hair with the little cowlick looks just like Martin's did with his widow's peak at that age.

Vicki B said...

The perfect 6 year old!