Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dear Tyler, you're 6 months old!

Dear Tyler, 
You're 6 months old now!  What an exciting milestone.  That means you sit up by yourself.  It happened right at 6 months.  You could sorta sit up at 5 months, but you really catch your balance now.  You are ticklish.  You eat baby foods almost daily.  You don't like bananas and that amuses me because I don't like bananas eaither. 
You sleep in your bed and occassionally wake up before midnight, but usually sleep 'til 5 or 5:30.  Sometimes you sleep all the way 'til 7am.  It's the getting you to sleep part that's difficult.  You like to nurse to sleep.  
 Rub a dub dub, 3 men in a tub!
I've been waiting and waiting for this day, when you can sit up by yourself to take baths with the big boys.  You can splash.  I don't really let there be this much water in there ever because you'll lean down.
We finally finished your room.  

 It's complete with your newborn canvas.  I realized that your room didn't have any monkeys in it before.  How crazy is that!  So I put some stuffed ones in there, not really to stay, but that canvas is a keeper!
 We moved Dylan and Isaac's artwork to behind the door.
 There's also a picture of Jesus now.  And I hung your tile board.
I wish I could put every one of these pictures I took of you eating.  This was extra delicious because it was made with mommy milk instead of formula this time.  

 You recognize who is holding you, but you don't have that stranger danger fear yet.  This was taken at Dylan's school's Valentine's dance.

 We got baby chicks for some Easter pictures.  I thought you looked like a little farmer baby.  And the picture reminds me of me as a baby somehow.

I took a picture of you and you kept rolling off of this blanket.  You're a wiggly little guy. 
 We celebrated your birthday at Dylan's school.  It wasn't really your birthday because that day came and went with me answering people that you were "almost 6 months."  Oops.
 It's your party, and you could cry because you wanted to [get out of the stroller.]
 You took apple slices instead of cupcakes since you can eat Applesauce and not sugar.  The kids loved it.

It was also Feb 29th, leap day, so we dressed in blue and yellow (from the show, "30 Rock"). 

Ni' night baby boy.  I love you, I love your chubby cheeks, I love how you grab and eat anything.  I love how you often just keep your mouth open in case something might make its way to your mouth because you're ready to taste and discover.  I'll take you for a real 6 month photo shoot sometime.  I need a mommy-baby date day:)
I love you lots and lots and lots,
Love, Mommy


Kathryn said...

Aw, cute! He looks HUGE in the onesie picture (and very happy and wiggly)! I think he looks like you in the farmer one because I think there's a picture of you, maybe a little bit older than that, sitting in the grass in a frilly lacy cress pointing at something. Maybe he's the Southern farmer and you were the Southern Belle. :)

And I think he looks like Matt or baby Gracie in the one where he's smiling in the mirror. Maybe it's because the distortion makes his eyes look squinty like Matt's? The picture right after that though I swear he doesn't look like one of your kids at all. He's blond! And his smile looks different and I don't know what it is but I honestly thought you'd mixed in a picture of someone else's baby for a minute!

That's funny that he doesn't like bananas either. I thought it was pretty much a given that all babies like mashed up bananas. Did you hate them right from the first time you tried them too?

So can you go visit Dylan's school at lunchtime whenever you want? I like that they have a "Family Table." And I like that they let you feed the kids things that are not "prepackaged to ensure non-contamination" or whatever. Apple slices are yummy too!

I didn't get the 30 Rock reference, but I do like the leap picture! Only my sister would think to take that photo ... and make sure her toes were pointed during the leap! :D

What a cute, sweet baby!

Lindsay said...

First of all...he is perfect! Love the pictures. Second of all, the room looks awesome! Good job. You are so good at celebrating all of the milestones. I need to do better. It was good talking to you the other day!