Monday, March 12, 2012

our 80's prom story, AKA Savage Race 2012!

This is a story of how a group of friends became Prom Kings and Queens.  
Corrie bought me my $8 thrift store dress.  The other couples' outfits were from thrift stores too.  
We needed to have boutonnieres and wrist corsages of course! 
I made the accessories then
 I highlighted my hair real quick.  You know, to be ready for my hot prom date:)
I actually helped make these for real when I was 11 years old and worked in my friend's flower store.  Randomly, I had some silk flowers.  
 I didn't even know that Barbie's dress was going to be red - perfect!
 Barbie suggested the side ponnytails and Corrie supplied the bright lipstick and blue eye shaddow.
Do we look like we're ready to run in the Savage Race?
It's so fun that my mom got to drop me off at the prom:)  
 Then they took the boys - all 3 - to Sea World for the day.

While we posed with the trophy plaques with our dates.  
We stretched,
 got excited at the starting line with the head POV cam,
 and found others with tuxes!  They didn't have dates though.
 And we were off in our 10:30am wave!
The first obstacle was "Shoezilla."  It was thick muck that sucked at our shoes.  Then we went through the tires.
 Then we ran in sand for a bit.
 This was gross.  There was a pit of smelly muddy water and we had to duck under it in the canal.
Note the bright color of Steven's suit.  
Then say goodbye to it. 

Steven almost puked a couple of times because he went all the way under.
Gross!  I didn't want to put my face under, so I didn't.
 Corrie did.  Awesome.
 I love this one too.
We all made it over!
 Isn't this the coolest stack of hay bails with our handsome dates?

 These short walls were all over.  I went up and over the right sides on all of them easily.  Well, I didn't have as much energy on the last one.

 These monkey bars went up then down.  I just went down.
 Darren went all the way accross!
There were hay bailes in a line that we had to go over, then a fence of barbed wire we had to go under and there were about 4 sets of that in a row.  Steven would climb or roll over then would reach out his hand to pull me over.  So he had to do a lot of work and my right arm is sore.  But we were still kickin'!
We went across balance beams over water.  Nobody made it across those wobbly things, we fell in the water.  Darren may have made it but Steven pegged him with a water balloon:)  It's on the video that we'll get back in a couple of weeks:)

See the sea weed on my arm?  We swam in our sexy outfits.

 We went up this huge pile of sand.  But half of this obstacle was closed and we had to wait in a long line for it.  It was a steep slip 'n slide.  I would have never done such a thing if it had not been for this race!

 We jumped into the lake.  I don't even like to jump off of high dives so wouldn't have done this ever either.  Andre jumped first then took this shot.  Only Darren looks excited to be there.  I didn't want to hold hands, nor did I want to jump, but I had no choice after my half-hesitation.
 Army crawling under barbed wire wasn't that bad b/c the water was deep enough I could sorta float my legs behind me.  But then I hated crawling up those hard slippery tubes.  My knees are a little bruised.  There was more mud in the middle, then we slid down more tubes and army crawled out of more barbed wire.

 This was the WORST part.  There was a long dumpster filled with muddy ice water.  Tons of ice, not just a little on the top, it was thick to move through, and painfully cold.  I started hyperventalating and didn't think I could put my head under.  So again, I didn't.  I climbed up the side and went around the middle sumberged wood with the fence of barbed wire over it.  I did get back in before climbing up the other side.
 My legs were painfully numb still and the fronts of my shoes had no soles so going up the inclined wall made me nervous.  But I did it. Note, the camera freaked out on the white balance after freezing too.
 We jumped over 3 lines of fire.  Nice pants, Darren.
Here's my self portrait with Darren next to me and Andre and Barbie behind him.
Here's the gang behind me thinking "this IS 'Nam." 
 The finishers!
 We jumped in the lake and tried getting rid of the dirt. It didn't work.  So we showered off in a hose.  That worked a little better, but we stayed and ate and hung out for a bit.
 And then we won a costume contest by dancing up on the stage.  We won 3 bottles of "5 Hour Energy" each.  It's probably great for a nursing mother.
We donated our sneakers to some good cause.
Do you want to know what our team name was?  "How I Met Your Mudder."  It's from the TV show, "How I Met Your Mother."   The plan was for us to all "suit up" and wear suits.  But Barbie vetoed it and said we should wear puffy sleeved prom dresses.  I'm glad because I just wore a swimsuit under and after cutting the bottom was totally comfortable.  I got a little sunburned on my shoulders, but it was so worth it!  I'd rather do this race than run on a treadmill any day:)


betsey said...

This is BANANAS! I can't believe you did all this stuff. I love it. What a fun day and fantastic friends to do it with. Such fun!

Kathryn said...

Oh. My. Gosh. My sister's amazing/crazy! I LOVE that you had cameras for a play-by-play and that your self portrait is one of the coolest in the whole bunch. I think it's awesome that you could do something like that, and I think it's crazy that you'd RATHER do it than just run in your living room! Really? In all that mud and crawling and climbing--wow! So was there a prize for trying to be really fast at it? Seems like that would have been hard if you had to wait in long lines ... and it would have put a damper on photo ops. :) In general, I'm in awe of you. :)

Amber said...

WOW you guys are crazy! I love the outfits and the head camera! so great to see all the action as ya'll were going through it. You would have pay me way more than 3 bottles of 5 hour energy to do a race like that. once again Tif YOU NEVER CEASE TO AMAZE ME! Seriously girl, you are incredible!!!

Dori Fagan said...

You are a ROCKSTAR! Wow!! So awesome.