Monday, March 7, 2016


Did God make bad guys? 

I said yes, 

Tyler: Why? 

Me: God made everybody and some people make bad decisions. They just need a mommy or a teacher to tell them how to make good decisions. Like if you didn't have me, you might think it would be OK to push someone or to steal. 

Tyler: Well I have to have you or I wouldn't be born. This is how you wouldn't have me, if I didn't have a body! That's the only way you wouldn't have me. Even when you leave the house you still have me.


Later in the same car ride, Tyler asked, Hey Ivy, did you know that Jesus made zero bad choices?! Like zero, not even five and not even four. He made zero bad choices. Not even two. Can you believe that?!

Later at home, Tyler wrote some random practice letters on a piece of paper and asked me to write on the paper, "please don't touch this. It is Tyler's." Then he explained, "I wanted to use the sentence,"please" because it is nice and people will want to listen more to it if it is nice to them."

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Aunt Kat said...

Tyler is awesome. Pretty logical that you still have him even when you leave the house. And pretty impressive that Jesus made zero bad choices . . . and that Tyler knows it!