Sunday, February 21, 2016

Dear Dylan, you're 10!

Dear Dylan,
You hit double digits, ten years old! You'll be in the double digits until you're 100 years old. I wonder if I'll be here to wish you a happy 100th. If so, that means I'll be 125, so I'm guessing not, so this is the big year that I get to see you add a tens place to your age. How fun :)

So, Dylan D, my Dylan Dingo, you're amazing. Do you know what I like about you? A lot of things, so I'm going to start rattling some off to you. First, I like how thoughtful you are. If you see somebody in distress, you swoop in to save the day. You don't let yourself get too involved with junky things like video games to notice if somebody else needs help. Your ability to help could come from the many many times that I ask you to help. It's just so easy to ask you to do things for us like change Julia's diaper in the morning or fill the babies' water cups in the evening because you get yourself ready before even being asked and are available to help. You set your alarm clock as early as we will allow (although sometimes it's too early, like 6:30am!) You get up by yourself, get dressed by yourself, do your hair, get your silly bright tall socks on, shoes on, breakfast made and eaten, lunch made, snack packed in your back pack, spelling words memorized (usually), and a water. You're ready to seize the day. I hope that my morning routine never rubs off on you. I cut it close. I'm so thankful to you and your desire to please others and to not be a burden on anyone. You do sometimes moan about helping if the chore isn't fun, like throwing away a wet bundled diaper I toss over to you, but you do it anyway. You listen and act the first time. Pretty much every time. You often preemtively do your tasks, asking for help when needed. You probably wish we didn't need to sign your agenda for school, b/c that would be one less thing for you to remind us, your parents, to do. You already know what you need to do and do it, so waiting for us to have a free hand to sign the notebook for your teacher is just busy work and unnecessary for you.

You don't just obey us and your teachers at school, with the start of the new year, a Book of Mormon reading chart went up on your wall, and every evening, you read your scriptures before bed. You're amazing. You're a good example of self control, discipline, and trust. I can trust you! In fact, I left you home alone (with Isaac) the other evening. I left and went to Target and left you two here. Dad got home before I could get back, but we weren't worried at all. First I need to say this, we bought you a cell phone for your 10th birthday! So I called you and we texted back and forth while I was gone. I'll explain about the phone in another post, but basically, you're responsible and I appreciate it. You make my life easier.

Now I'll talk about more kid stuff. You like to play. You play "guys" with Isaac and/or Tyler. You play soccer outside with anybody who will play with you. You have asked so many times when a next season will start and it's soon. We're finally putting you on a rec team with practices and you'll like it. Isaac and Noah will be in the age group under you. Tyler will pay his first season too, for the little Friday night league with Ivy.

You ran your second mud run and last year, you ran so fast through it that you left your little friend behind, it was a race, after all, so you saw no problem in racing. But this year, since it was Isaac's first one, I asked you, Isaac, and Noah to stay together. You guys ran past us a couple of times since they let parents wander through the course, and you obeyed. Isaac went fairly casually through the obstacles, but didn't want to stop. You, on the other hand, waited with your friend who needed frequent stops. You, Erden, and Noah finished together. It probably pained you inside to have to stop and not push yourself to see what you could do, full throttle, but you were obedient and helpful to your friends. I really like that I can trust you. And you didn't show that you minded waiting with them. You encouraged them and were a good friend. You still had fun and had plenty of stories to tell of the amazing race. Isaac probably wanted to get through the race quickly since it was on a yucky rainy cold day. It wasn't freezing, but your boys' hands were freezing since they were exposed and wet.

Another thing you get stuck doing, is cleaning the play room. You're really good at it! You're also good at playing the piano and taught yourself how to play "Chasing The Sun." Dad was really impressed with that. You've done a violin trio at the Christmas concert and sang a solo at a nursing home this morning. You trust your leaders and say yes. Saying yes is a good quality.

You have a cool haircut, people tell you and you love it :) You're a leader.

You like your back scratched, probably b/c you have dry skin. You lick your lips and that bothers me so much, but you stopped biting your nails soon after you started to almost develop that habit, so I have faith that you'll quit this too. I just need to put chapsticks all over and get you to drink tons of water I guess!

I love you , my little Dylancito. Keep up the good work and you'll go far in life. Remember that I really really do appreciate you.
Love, Mom

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