Monday, March 7, 2016

Galentine's month

Galentine's Day is a made up holiday from the show, Parks and Rec to celebrate our girlfriends (AKA gals.) 

I never posted about the Step Forward women's mini conference last week. I left the dental hygiene seminar early and felt guilty since I wanted to hear the other two speakers too, but visited all of the vendors and talked with lots of good hygienist friends who I only see at that annual event.  I love my profession and opportunities for helping one another at these CE events. I paid the full [member] price so I figure I helped with the fundraising so it was ok to  leave. 
At church, food was delicious, and I saw other good friends. I heard from a good speaker about her life story and "stepping forward" in her PF Flyers vintage sneakers.  Her family fascinates me. It is good to hang with my pretty mom too :) 

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