Saturday, March 26, 2016

Camping with the Crews Day 1

Six months ago we decided we should go camping. Kory went ahead and signed us up! They found some good spots and it was all set. I thought we were going after work on Thursday but check in is at 1 o'clock so Darren and Cory took the day off. So Stephen decided to take the day off. It is spring break so of course all the kids are off. I didn't get off work until a little after five so I showed up and everything was awesome. Steven got 99% of everything all together and packed and set up including taking the kids and putting up the tent himself.
They ate lunch at McDonalds on the way. 
Bam! All set up. 
Steven sent me a picture of Julia and I really wanted to not be at work. 
We rode out some sun showers and the crews wanted our canopy for burger cooking. But we had it in just the right spot and they were fine. 
The big hamburgers and hot dogs were delicious. 
Hatchet-chopping ice :) 
My fun friend Dori Fagan happened to be camping there too!! She, her mom, and her two kids had already been there a night. They didn't have trees for hanging their new hammocks so let us use them. 
Julia bonded with her mom :)
They stayed for the magical s'mores that Corrie had to share. 
I didn't even change out of scrubs. 
The kids climbed trees and ran around the field behind our camp sites. 

Dori and I put clow stick bracelets together and chucked them over our shoulders to the gaggle of kids behind us. So fun. 
It POURED that night and Steven stayed up and alert, ready to save the day and evacuate us as needed but we were all safe and sound and dry. The Crews ended up sleeping in their van because their tent didn't hold. 

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Aunt Kat said...

Wow, that looks like you guys had fun! All I remember about camping in Florida is mosquitoes. And I love that the boys slept all in one little area and didn't care if they were touching each other...and that Tyler made sure his little monkey was wrapped up to stay warm. :) And you even had Christmas lights on your canopy? What? Some high-style campers, you are!